Your Body is a Wonderland – Explore It

Your Body is a Wonderland

A woman needs more in her life these days than a career, wardrobe and Frontier deals. She needs to get back in touch with her unique body. This blog discusses some of the ways to explore the wonders of your body.

“Your body is a wonderland” goes the John Mayer hit song from 2001. Would it surprise you to learn just how true this is? Our bodies are the temples that house our minds and souls. With centuries of misogyny and misplaced morality, women particularly find it difficult to get in touch with their bodies. Getting to know your body is not as simple as ordering one of the Frontier deals online. It takes a lot more than a few clicks and taps to know the exact chemistry of your body. Getting back in touch can be difficult when you’ve spent years being out of sync with your body. This is especially true if you’re living a competitive, high-strung lifestyle driven by achievements and successes. Take it from a woman who has transformed herself; there are ways to forge a deep connection with your body and soul. In this blog I explore some of those ways:

Walking Barefoot

  • Walking Barefoot

Walking barefoot helps your body connect both physically and spiritually with the earth. It helps you stay calm, grounded and stress-free. It’s usually a good idea to kick off your shoes and feel the grass between your toes as you walk. Walking barefoot is a very liberating feeling and brings you closer to both yourself and nature.

Look Inside

  • Look Inside

We have become used to viewing and reacting to the world based on what we can physically see and touch. This, over the years, creates a disconnect between yourself and your life. Try closing your eyes and looking inwards. Meditate on how it feels like to be inside your skin. Think about what your body must feel like. Find goodness within yourself the same way you make yourself look good on the outside, through effort.Massage 

  • Massage 

One of the most hurried parts of our post-shower routine is moisturizing. Rather than taking it as a daily ritual, think of it as an opportunity to connect with your body. Slowly and gently massage lotion on to your body, taking your time to experience the feel of your skin. Get to know your body on a personal, leisurely level. You will feel great after you’re done.

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Love Your Body

  • Love Your Body

You can’t be whole if you don’t love your body. Especially those parts of your body you don’t like. A good exercise is to close your eyes and place your hands on these body parts. Feel them with your hands and experience them without judgment. This will help you accept yourself, no matter what your body looks like. Accepting yourself as you are is more important than getting accepted by other people.

Savor Food

  • Savor Food

Food is essential for life. But there’s no reason not to savor this necessity whenever you have the opportunity. Food is not just a source of nutrition, but also a source of pleasure. Pay attention to the texture and feel of the food in your mouth. Visualize all the tasty ingredients filling your taste buds and dissolving in your body.

Sleep Naked

  • Sleep Naked

This is something every woman has to try every now and then. It can feel a bit weird and uncomfortable at first but you get used to your most natural state. It helps you accept the naked truth, pun intended. Self-acceptance is an important part of self-liberation. Get comfortable in your skin, helping your personality become more grounded and confident.

Deep Breaths

  • Deep Breaths

Shallow breathing is one of the byproducts of a stressful lifestyle. Breathing deeply throughout the day should be a ritual in every woman’s life. Visualize the clean, life-giving air filling you up, cleansing you and leaving you refreshed. It’s great for stress relief and better concentration during the day. Breathing exercises are also helpful in regulating your blood pressure, keeping you as calm and cool as a cucumber.

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Dress Expressively

  • Dress Expressively

The way you dress says a lot about you, so don’t be afraid to express yourself with your attire. Dress up in a way that shows your love for your body. A soulful dressing is a way to express love for your body by dressing it up in beautiful clothes and accessories.

  • Explore the Sense of Touch

Explore what your body and other things feel like when you touch them with different parts of your body. Explore the experience of someone else touching your body. The physical sense of touch can be very sensual and spiritual at the same time. Know how your body feels when it is touching someone or being touched by someone in return.

  • Experiment 

You only get one life, so you should live it to the fullest. Don’t be afraid to experiment or try new things. If you have a partner, try out new things in the bedroom. If you’re single, meet new people and experiment with them. Nothing will ever feel as good as your body in the heat of pleasure. Do not be ashamed of your sexuality, instead be open to new and exciting experiences.

These are some ways that can definitely help you develop a closer bond with your body as you explore it. However, each woman is different. You need to find the unique balance of your own body, soul, and mind. Whether it’s early morning meditation/yoga session on Frontier TV packages or a tasty chocolaty treat, give yourself opportunities to grow.

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