Your baby equipment for Baby’s arrival

You feel (a bit) lost in the childcare section? Our Special Birthing Buying Guide is for you. Discover all the essential material for the first months of Baby.

The 0/6-year-olds need to be adapted Baby Activity Equipment to develop their mortality and to promote their awakening in complete safety. For indoor or outdoor activities, in groups or individually, the installation of a motor skills course is ideal to help children to let off steam without risk. There are also games of skill, balance, opposition or cooperation.

Bright Starts Disney Minnie Mouse Walker w/Play Toy/Sound/Light for Baby/Toddler

Decathlon Pro’s kits and awakening modules are aimed at all actors in early childhood: kindergartens and primary schools for their TAP and EPS, baby gym clubs, nurseries, relays and nursery school associations. …

Develop motor skills with adapted equipment

From learning to walk, a child likes to venture into a new setting. Communities can set up workshops to promote sports activity and energy expenditure for toddlers.

From the age of 18 months, the motor skills courses with foam steps and the courses on the underside allow the child to embark with confidence, with the assault of bricks, boards, and hoops, thanks to the presence of protective mats.

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For children 3 years old and older, the river paths appeal to both balance and imagination. They must pass on river stones, low beams or half-spheres of balance, to avoid “crocodiles” and other ferocious beasts.

Children need to develop their own coordination but also that with others. Parachutes of motor skills are made to learn to respect a directive and to be attentive to others.

Promote cooperation with ball games

Toddlers love ball games. With Decathlon Pro, it is possible to choose from many balls with different textures, sizes and shapes such as the giant foam die, fluff balls, elephant hide ball, honeycomb balls, comets, emotions…

Lamaze ABC 123 Learning Musical Motion Gym Play Mat

All these balls can have a mission both educational and fun, to learn while having fun. For younger children, balloons are made of soft materials.

Circus and juggling to develop artistic motor skills

For 6-12-year-olds, circus and juggling make it possible to work on balance and even prepare a show, for a class or a leisure center. Juggling is ideal for coordinating movements with balls, juggling rings, clubs or weighted scarves. The Diablo and the stick of the devil are classics of the circus arts.

The equilibrium ball and learning beam are good ways to overcome fear and try acrobatics.

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