Yoga Poses For The Butt | Get The Yoga Bum

Did you know that there are yoga poses for the butt?

They specifically target your glutes to get you that desired yoga bum.

Although in a whole yoga practice your muscles are all being worked there are some specific poses you can utilize to really get you those results that you crave.

Let’s go over what you can focus on, some tips and of course, some yoga poses for the butt.

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Yoga Poses For The Butt

The ‘Yoga Bum’

Have you noticed people who practice yoga regularly have a great bum? Yoga works all of your muscles to really help tone your whole body.

As far as yoga poses for the butt, sometimes you don’t even realize that your muscles are being worked. Sometimes, when in a pose the focus is far from where the actual muscle is being targeted.

For example, when you are in Warrior 2, it is your glutes, inner thighs, and quads that are targeted. However, you should be focusing on your stance. This includes the alignment of your knee to big toes, tucking your ribs in, standing tall and rolling your shoulders back and looking over your middle finger. Needless to say in that pose the focus is shifted from the target muscles to being in line.

In a way, you are being tricked into getting a nice yoga bum.

The Top Three Yoga Poses for The Butt

As promised, here are the top three yoga poses for the butt.

Chair Pose

1. Chair Pose

Otherwise known as utkatasana, chair pose is a great isolator of your glutes.

For those who have not experienced the wonderful chair pose – it is exactly how it sounds. You sit back in your invisible chair with your arms out in front of you or up to the air.

Things to remember in this pose:

  • Keep trying to lean back on your heels. If you lean too far forward and are on your toes more you lose the proper position of the pose.
  • Keep your back straight!
  • Push yourself & keep trying to sink lower.


Add more to the pose by doing a twist. Bring your hands into prayer in front of your heart and twist opposite elbow over the knee (left elbow to right knee). To further this pose, open up your arms. Do remember to keep your knees in line though. Think about squishing them together. Usually, one knee tends to push out more and you have to try to bring it back in line with the other one.

Another thing you can add to this twist is to lift one foot off the ground. It will be the foot opposite to the side you are twisting to.

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Bridge Pose

2. Bridge Pose

In bridge pose, start on your back. From there bring your heels close to your bum. You should be able to touch your heels. Then push up your hips off the ground and hold the pose. It helps to put a yoga block in between your knees to make sure the glutes are really activated.


Once raised in this pose, wiggle your shoulders in together and clasp the hands. If this is available, really make sure that the knees don’t push outwards. The clasped hands add a heart opener to the pose.

Goddess Pose

3. Goddess Pose

A great pose to get into after doing a wide-legged fold. Heel-toe your feet in until your toes are facing outward and your heels are a little wider than hip distance. Bring the arms out into cactus arms and settle into the pose. Always remember to tuck your tailbone and engage the core.


To add to this pose, instead of cactus arms, hold your arms in eagle arms. Wrapping one elbow underneath the other and touching palms. If this is the case, make sure that your elbows stay lifted.

Other Tips

A few other things to think about for yoga poses for the butt.


Adding movement into your poses, or even having mindful transitions will increase strength. When in downward dog, instead of staying there for a few breaths, lift one leg up, exhale and bring it in to touch your nose and send it back up again. Do the same for the other side. You can do the same movement in tabletop pose too!


Stay motivated and committed to your practice. Sometimes, it is a challenge to overcome procrastination and get on your mat. However, there are tips that can keep you motivated and just think of all the wonderful benefits there are when you do yoga.

What motivates you to do yoga? Think of that yoga bum.

So, what did you think of yoga poses for the butt?

I hope that you will be able to take away these poses and tips and use them to get that bathing suit ready beach bum.


Thank you for tuning in and I hope you have a great day!



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