Tips to Take Care of Naturally Brazilian Curly Hair

Tips to Take Care of Naturally Brazilian Curly HairA beautiful curly hairstyle, or a sweet and beautiful curl, or a playful hot roll, or a mature intellectual wave, is a hairstyle that women love. Curly Hair offers the perfect protective style and a head full of big hair goals.

There are many types of curly hair bundles, Brazilian curly hair, Malaysian curly weave, Indian curly hair, and Peruvian hair curly weave. Many girls like Brazilian curly hair mostly, because the curly hair is more lively, romantic, and more spiritual, it has won the love of female friends.

However, the care of curly hair is more complicated than straight hair, and it has become a trouble for many girls. Here are some tips for you to take care of Brazilian curly hair weave –

Perming and dyeing hair needs to pay attention to:

Perming and dyeing hair needs to pay attention to:

1. Can you perm and dye hair the same day? Of course, it can’t. It can be dyed first, or it can be permed first, but it must be separated by more than one month. Otherwise, the dry and crunchy hair will be hurt and it will affect your beauty.

2. It must be in the regular barber shop for hot dyeing.

3. You should care your curly weave hair with oyster sauce care, you can do it in the barber shop, or buy oyster sauce by yourself. It will moisturize your hair greatly.

Daily care

Daily care:

1. How to comb your curly hair after all?

Curly hair… God, if you have curled your natural virgin hair, you couldn’t comb it just like your straight hair every day. The best way is to comb the hair roots, while, the hair tips, you should ignore them. The practice has proved that don’t comb your curly hair bundles is the most effective way to keep the volume.
2. Adhere to the use of elastic.

According to your own hair quality, choose your own dry oil level, softness and hardness, determine the choice of high moisturizing strength or high-strength elastin, (not just after shampooing) spray the hair with a spray bottle every morning The elastic element is evenly applied, and the use of elastin is particularly important in maintaining the shape in the initial stage of perming.

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  1. Hairbrush

On the problem of using a comb, you would better stick to the wide-toothed hair that is used for curls. Do not use a fine comb for better maintenance.

4. The curling iron is also essential.

When you go out, you can use the curling iron to increase the curl of the hair. Before using it, use a non-scalding protein to wipe the hair, which will play a very good role.

How to make your Brazilian curly human hair last longer?

1. After drying the hair, you can straighten it from top to bottom with your hands, and use your fingers to scroll from the inside to the outside at the end of the hair to make the roll look smoother.

2. Use good curly hair care products. First shake off the curled hair curls, so that the curls are in the most natural fluffy state. Then put a small amount of hair styling products into the hands, and then knead the hair along the curvature of the curls, until the end of the hair, so that the hair part shows a feeling of convergence, so that good hair quality can be achieved.

3.  When using a hair dryer to blow hair, pay attention to the level, choose hot air at the beginning, and it is best to curl the hair with a curled card so that the hair curled out is obvious, natural, and then blow it again with cold air. Let the buttercups close.

4. If some rolls are loosened and fast, you can go to the barbershop for maintenance. You can also try to recover the rolls: roll the square paper towel into a hard and small roll, and use a paper towel roll when the hair is dry. Roll the hair down slightly from the paper towel, tie the ends of the paper towel, and release it after about ten minutes. You will find that the roll has returned to its elasticity.

Shampoo selection

Shampoo selection

  1. Do not choose a shampoo that is too smooth. Those are only suitable for straight hair.

2, Hair conditioner should choose neutral oily nourishing ingredients, it is most important for your curly hair extensions.

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