5 Tips to Keep Your Posture Right If You are Sitting 9 Hours per Day

5 Tips to Keep Your Posture Right If You are Sitting 9 Hours per DayA job where you have to sit for long hours can be a difficult one. If you are unable to leave your seat for more than twenty minutes then it is time for you to be a little concerned. Sitting for long hours on a seat can affect your posture. Long hours of an uninterrupted sitting can be bad for your health as well as for your posture. Long hours of sitting can damage your disc; give a strained neck and fatigue. The easiest solution to avoid this is to sit in an upright position and taking a stroll for five minutes can help you reduce the risk. Here is suggested 5 tips that can keep your posture right if you are sitting 9 hours per day.

5 Tips to Keep Your Posture Right – 

  1. Pec stretch (30 seconds each side)

If you are in a habit of hunching over a desk then there is a high probability that you have tight pecs. If you have tight shoulders, it can yank your shoulders causing an excruciating pain. For this pec stretch can help you in getting rid of the pain. For this, you need to stretch your chest muscles and relax. If you repeat the action for 30 seconds on each side your shoulders will come back to the natural position.

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  1. Bent over T spine extension (8 reps each side)

For this stretch bend down and keep your knees apart. Take out your arm and move it up in the air. Repeat it 8 times and make sure you are doing it in the right position. You can watch the YouTube video in order to get the right position. This stretch helps you in correcting the posture of your mid back. It opens the area that is called the thoracic spine. This area can get extremely tight if you are bound to sit in front of the computer for many hours.

  1. Wall slides (10 reps)

If you have done the above-mentioned stretches then it is time to focus on the other weak areas. These muscles are located at your mid and upper back. Doing this stretch can help you in keeping your shoulders in a position that is optimal and correct. So make sure you are doing this stretch.

  1. Bent over L’s (15 reps)

Many people prefer doing exercises like bench press or push-up. With this simple exercise, you can correct your posture after sitting for long hours and slouching over your table. This is an easy exercise for beginners.

  1. Hip flexor stretch (30 seconds each side)

Sitting for hours can make your hip flexor tight thus causing pain. It can result in a bad posture and can tilt your pelvis and affect the curves. This exercise can help you in returning your pelvis and lower back to a normal position.

These are some of the tips that can help you in keeping your posture right. If you cannot find time for a proper workout then relying on these stretches can benefit you.

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