TB – Symptoms, Causes, Remedies, Government scheme

 TB- Tuberculosis

All of us are familiar to the name TB and full form is Tuberculosis whereas it is only popular with the name TB. It is a disease caused by tubercle bacillus bacteria or Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Even today the disease fear our soul with the name but if proper treatment is provided to the Tb patient if can be able to be fit and fine with a treatment of just 6 to 9 month but the condition is that he/ she whosever suffering should be able to know about the disease in the early stage of the disease then only the treatment and procure is possible.

What are the causes and Symptoms?

Tuberculosis is a disease caused due to the infection which attacks the lungs of the human. The disease is spread by the transmission through the air. The disease can also affect the brain, spine, and Kidneys.

The two types of TB are Latent TB infection and the other is the active TB disease. It indicates that the bacteria has made your body host and it will not spread the disease to the other person living nearby you. And the other type of TB in the active Tb is spread to the people living near you. It gets spread through the air through the germs which spread in the air on coughing, sneezing and even while speaking or laughing. If a person infected with TB do the same in the air the healthy person even with strong immune system gets affected. The other symptoms are :

  • Fever
  • Loss of weight

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Home remedies for treatment

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First of all what to include in the diet for better nourishment and cure the TB are shown in the image above and few are described below as which are according to the Indian Hinduism culture we believe to cure by making use of herbs.

  1. vitamin D- It is believed that Vitamin -D is a great source of nourishment and acts as resistance for the diabetic patient it behaves as an activate toll-like receptors (TRLs) that have “direct antimicrobial activity against bacteria”.
  2. Essential Oils- The three essentials oils according to the study are best for TB cure are Salvia aratocensisTurnera diffusa and Lippia americana.
  3. Adaptogenic Herbs- It makes the immune system strong for which you can take a standardized Rhodiola extract thrice in a day.
  4. Probiotics- This will kill the bad bacterias in the body which are causing Tb and will boost the good bacterias for increasing the immunity of the body.
  5. Anti-TB Dietary- It can include green tea, leafy vegetables, avoid alcoholic and fried and oily food and proper diet plan.

Government scheme

The government of India has started a Government Scheme to help the TB patient by providing him/ her Rs750 per month to each patient through direct benefit transfer (DBT). The patient can easily get the benefit of the Government scheme by enrolling himself at the government’s Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program (RNTCP) and providing Aadhaar id and bank account number to avail the benefit of the government scheme.

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