How Does One Know If They Have Acute Bronchitis or Chronic Bronchitis?

BronchitisBronchitis is the inflammation caused in the inner side of the Bronchial tubes. It carries air towards the lungs. For the people who suffer from bronchitis often coughs up thick mucus that varies in color. It could be transparent, yellow, greenish or even black.

Before we begin knowing whether you have acute or chronic bronchitis, it is essential to understand what is bronchitis, its causes, symptoms, and remedies.

As described earlier that bronchitis is the irritation in the tubes that makes it difficult to breathe. There is two kind of bronchitis.

  1. Acute Bronchitis
  2. Chronic Bronchitis

Acute Bronchitis

Generally, acute bronchitis is due to viral infection in the respiratory tracks. Just to let you know, it is Contagious.  Acute bronchitis is a temporary condition that lasts for maximum two weeks. Initially, in the first week, you will have a runny nose, sore throat, swelling in the joints, headache and fever.

Later on, the dry cough will emerge thereby lasting for another week or more. Acute bronchitis can cure on its own, but it is best to consult a doctor and have a clinical trial where they can suggest you proper medication.

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The symptoms of acute bronchitis include:

  • Frequent coughing
  • Producing mucus that’s mixed with saliva
  • Aching when you cough
  • Wheezing sound whenever you breathe

Chronic Bronchitis is the term used to describe the condition where the coughing lasts for months and years. There are many reasons behind chronic bronchitis. Sometimes it might be because of the dry air that drops down the humidity in the air.

Though the primary reason behind the cause of chronic bronchitis is because of the primary reasons like smoking, pollution, harmful chemicals and much more. Allergies to anything and respiratory infection can be the reason for chronic bronchitis.

Because of chronic bronchitis, you are likely to develop the lung infection. So what are the symptoms of chronic bronchitis?
  • Long duration cough
  • Breathing problem
  • Wheezing sound every time you breathe
  • Coughing up blood and coughing up mucus of dark colour
  • Body ache and having trouble in sleeping
  • Pain through the chest while coughing
  • You need to clear the throat frequently
  • Shortness of the breath while performing activities
  • Your coughing can become worse if you are exposed to pollution, low humidity weather, things that bother lungs and other things.

The above-written are the symptoms of both acute and chronic. If you are facing symptoms related to either of them – you should consult a doctor and undergo a clinical trial.

There are many causes behind bronchitis it could be due to allergies or the trigger that causes inflammation in the bronchial tubes. Even inhaling the harmful chemicals might cause bronchitis.

The common belief is when you eat cold items like ice creams and milk – you develop a cough. But, that is wrong – milk never causes a cough, it makes the mucus thicker than before.

Some people tend to avoid the coughing, and then they end up having chronic bronchitis and asthma too. Your health is your priority, so you should never ignore such vital matters.

So, when do you consult the doctor for a clinical trial? You must go for it when you notice the symptoms of acute or chronic bronchitis. Additionally, if you feel your chest area heavy or start having breathing problem, coughing up badly then visit a doctor immediately.

There are many preventive measures you can take in order to prevent acute and chronic bronchitis.

Below mentioned are few remedies and things to keep in mind for a bronchitis person.
  • Day by day, the pollution is increasing drastically. Hence, always wear the mask while going out. Additionally, keep a handkerchief nearby you to avoid spreading germs.
  • Another essential thing to consider is to wash your hands frequently, so you don’t catch the virus.
  • Drink lots of water. If possible, drink lukewarm water.
  • Take enough sleep and rest. To maintain the moisture in your room keep the humidifier on.
  • Inhale the steam and gargle the warm water mixed with the dash of salt.
  • Try out the herbal and home remedies.
  • One of them is to drink honey and lemon water that will give a soothing effect to your throat.
  • QUIT SMOKING if you want good health.
  • Reduce the stress level by doing yoga.
  • Intake vitamin D and boost up your immunity power to fight against the disease.

As the old saying goes by health is wealth – to lead a happy life the primary focus MUST be your health.

The above-written blog describes everything about bronchitis you need to know along with a few remedies that prove to be helpful. Share it with everyone and if you notice, any of the symptoms go through a clinical trial under an expert doctor.

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