Switch to Alternative Therapies and Treatment for Better Health

Switch to Alternative Therapies and Treatment for Better Health

Today health has become a primary issue all over the world. People around the world are now more concerned about their health ever than before. One of the things that made people more concerned and careful for their health is the high spread of lifestyle-related disorders. These days the more lethal is not the traditional disease like cancer or aids but more lethal are the lifestyle-related diseases like hypertension, diabetes, stress, depression, and insomnia. All these diseases are both mental and physical and they could be cured with the modern allopathic drugs but it takes a lot of time and during that period the patient has to suffer a lot.

Even though modern medicine has the cure of various lifestyle diseases but still there is no guarantee because it more depends on the person to person. Allopathic drugs are not a sure shot therapy because they don’t guarantee 100% cure. Moreover, these drugs also have a lot of side effects that make things even worst for the patient. This is by far the most striking reason why more people are turning towards alternative medicine and therapy.

What are the alternative therapies?

Alternative therapies or alternative medicines are a good option for people to look beyond the allopathic drugs for their treatment. People now more trust the alternative drugs and therapies for treating various diseases and disorders. Why people are switching to alternative medicines is because it is much cheaper than modern medicine and therapies but this not the only reason for this because the major reason is their safety and efficacy. Alternative therapies are also as effective as modern medicine but they have a plus point which is that these therapies don’t offer any side effect.

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Some popular alternative therapies are:

Herbal therapies or Ayurveda: Ayurveda is more than 5000 years old Indian medical system which is now very much popular all over the world. Unlike the modern drugs that use chemical compound and extracts for the treatment in the Ayurveda, the green herbs and natural oils are used for the treatment of the disease. But still, Ayurveda is not appropriate for the diagnosis of the disease and people who go for the Ayurveda usually diagnose their disease through the modern Medical system.

Needle therapy: Needle therapy is yet another ancient medical system for the treatment of basically joint pains and muscle pains. In this therapy, sharp dry needing were inserted in the different pressure points in the body to improve the blood circulation and restore the muscle strength. Dry needling or mayo fiscal dry needle therapy is not a certified or proven therapy but because of its rich past, it is more into use. There are two types of needle used: the hollow core hypodermic needle and filiform needle. The size of the needles varies from 3.5 inches to the 5.5 inches.

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