Neutral Lips Colors by MAYBELLINE

Neutral Lips Colors by MAYBELLINEWe all love our reds and hot pinks but sometimes when we don’t want to do too much and just want to go with neutrals specifically when we are in a hurry. We all want something that’s more of a natural shade but is super flattering at the same time. We want something which makes our whole look pop but stays all on the natural side maintaining the elegance.

When we talk about ‘’no makeup looks’’ or minimal makeup looks, not only do we want a very natural pigment, but we also want something that’s more hydrating and works like a therapy for the lips.

Below are a few lip colors which best compliment such looks and fall more on the neutral side.
Neutral Lips Colors by MAYBELLINE

Neutral Lips Colors by MAYBELLINE:

While we talk about neutral, we mean something that’s not too dark or deep nor something which is too bright and vibrant. But a shade which is a transitional one between the two categories.

MAYBELLINE has succeeded in coming up with the most attractive and stunning lip colors. These lip colors are super hydrating and provide a beautiful pigmentation to the lips.
Here are a few neutral lip colors by Maybelline New York

1. MAYBELLINE Shine Seduction Glossy Lip Color Born With It 105:
A beautiful baby pink shade which is not too ‘’white’’ at all. This has a minimal amount of warmth present in it. It is perfect for day wear and especially when you want to go too heavy on the eyes, you can pair them up with this lip color to create a very gorgeous look.

Coming to the formulation, it is glossy which has a shiny and sheer look to it. The presence of vitamin E works to treat the lips. To provide extra goodness, aqua botanicals are also present. However, the glossiness does not mean that the lips are sticky or gluey at all.

2. MAYBELLINE Shine Seduction Glossy Lip Color Petal Passion 150:

Well, this literally seems like spring in a bottle. The color is a beautiful petal pink shade which literally adds the beauty into your lips that you desire to maintain the all-natural factor. The lip color will look bomb with any skin tone. This is the pink that won’t wash you out even if you go with an all-natural minimal makeup thing.

The wand of this lip color is artistically designed. The wand is super precise and therefore it helps make your lips look contoured and fuller, distributing the color evenly.

The lip color has glossiness hint to it. It makes your lips look super fresh and soft. There is no stickiness and therefore, your hair does not get much on the lip color which, numerous lip glosses make you go through. This lip gloss is superb for an overall distribution on the lips so don’t just confine it to one specific point.

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3. MAYBELLINE Shine Seduction Glossy Lip color Candy Desire 130:
Do you want candy like lips? If yes, then purchase no other than this lip color. It is a bubblegum pink. The lip color is super moisturizing on the lips. It has a mixture of Aqua-botanical and vitamin E both of which work together to provide you the creamiest color without making the fine lines of your lips prominent.

It has a gloss like consistency and you might expect it to slip to the sidelines of your mouth but it does not. It stays put on your lips and this does not mean it has a gluey feeling but it is not sticky at all.

You can make use of this lip color in endless ways and on endless occasions. You can spice up your lunch looks with this candy pink or make yourself look all gorgeous and natural on a picnic day outside.

4. MAYBELLINE Shine Seduction Glossy Lip color Pink Whisper 110:
The love for this lip color is endless. Many people find themselves in a confusion before purchasing it because they think that the light pink tint will make them look flushed out. But well, IT WON’T.

The eye-catchy light pink tint adds color to your lips in the most natural way possible. The precise and dimensioned wand makes the product glide on your lips in a way that it makes the lips look so much bigger, fuller and smoother. The high pigmentation delivers a good amount of product on the first go. The glossy formulation makes sure it does not dry on your lips or makes them look crusty or patchy when you want to go to an all-natural day.

The love for this lip shade is endless. It is every girl’s pink dream.

5. MAYBELLINE Shine Seduction Glossy Lip color Spiced Potion 630:
Well, neutrals have a vast variety of shades and sticking just to pinks, won’t be fair.
This is a spicy a bit warm-toned shade. It is a transitional shade between brown and tea pink. It compliments all skin types.

The warmth in the shade makes it perfect for winters where you do not want to go with extra crazy dark berry shades. This is perfect to achieve a very decent and composed look. Moreover, the lip color stays put on the lips for a good amount of time even when you go to eat. So you do not have to stress upon the re-application.

Again, the wand has been precisely made to provide not just a hint of color to your lips but also to contour your lips which is suitable especially for people who have smaller and thinner lips but want to make them look a bit fuller. The wand is also very easy to handle and to work with.

6. MAYBELLINE Super Stay, Lip Color Blush 720, 16-hour color, + Conditioning balm:
Well, last but by no means least is this one. It is a literally a full package. Contains everything that you would need in a lip color. As the name indicates, it resembles a blush shade due to its natural pinky pigment.
Well, all the girls do love pink, don’t they? So, we won’t say no to one more pinkish shade. The color is like a guava juice pink.

Let’s move towards the real qualities of this lip color. It stays undisturbed on your lips, smooth and creases free for 16 HOURS. YES, 16 hours. You won’t have to be conscious about it flushing away or being wiped off. The next amazing part is the conditioning balm which prevents it from looking cakey and flaky.
Well, all the lip colors which last on the lips for a good amount of time are said to have some hard chemicals in them to make them stay put. While this is free from all such things. It works as a therapy in conditioning your lips as well as providing color.

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