Muscle Building Mistakes To Avoid

Muscle Building MistakesYou must have put in your time & hard work. Perhaps the tears as well when you don’t see results. Quit blubbering further. It’ll be ok. Muscle Building Mistakes To Avoid.

Keep in mind! Entering weight room is the 1st-step towards bodybuilding, but honestly, it’s not the last. What you do before, during, & after a workout can either negate the hard work or elevate growth to the new level.

“Your habits, social life, even which exercises you choose to do take away from what you are trying to build,” says Jeff Bell, An exercise physiologist. Bell & other experts helped us pinpoint a few factors that sabotage results. Just add them up & they could be why your muscles have nothing to show for all your time served.

Muscle Building Mistakes To Avoid.
basic exercises

Skipping the Basics

Plenty of heavy weightlifters believe that doing isolation exercises like chest flies & leg extensions can make their muscles grow. But basic moves like bench presses & squats force several muscle groups to work together, imposing more stress on the body for bigger & better gains. Muscle Building Mistakes To Avoid.

According to experts, your body reacts to all stress by having anterior pituitary gland issue growth hormone to compensate for that extra effort. Obviously, you need variation, but you don’t really have to abandon basic moves for intermediate isolation sets. Muscle Building Mistakes To Avoid.

How to fix it? Here’s the best way. Simply, jot down the exercises in your routine to see what percentage of these happen to be compound moves. In case it’s not in the range of at least 40-50% then you must be doing too many isolation exercises.


Lunchtime Hoops

If you’re very much into playing sports, it’s surely good for your health, but it can also sidetrack your muscle-growth goals. Muscles need 48-hours of rest in order to adapt to the stresses placed during a workout. Engaging in extra activity makes your body likely to use excess calories it has for fuel, & not for rebuilding itself.

How to fix it? You need to pull the cardiovascular activity back to the bare minimum for at least 20-min & three-times a week in order to see what effect it has on your body & especially muscles. In case cardio is stealing your muscle, you should notice strength improvements being able to lift more weight or perhaps complete more repetitions within 2-3 weeks.

In case your primary goals are to increase muscle size & strength, and you aren’t very much inclined towards overall health currently, pull back further. If you can’t miss a game, ease up on the muscles during a workout, so your muscles get more time to recover.

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Smoking & Drinking

Smoking & Drinking

You know smoking is injurious to your health. While smoking, you realize that you’re gambling with cancer, stroke & other health issues. But did you realize that you’re sabotaging your strength training as well?

Keep in mind! Smoking places carbon-monoxide in your internal-system that prevents your muscles from getting the oxygen to use for energy. The less oxygen your muscles have, the less efficient they are at contracting thereby limiting their capacity for work. Muscle Building Mistakes To Avoid.

As far as alcohol is concerned, it will cover your abs with a layer of lard alongside interfere with hormones that help in building them. Drinking on a regular basis will keep your testosterone levels lower than usual while decreasing the muscle mass.

How to fix it? Simple! Quit smoking. Don’t worry about becoming a cold-turkey butterball in the withdrawal period. Getting 30-minutes of exercise 3-4 times a week will not only help control body weight but also produce positive psychological effects that will diminish the need to smoke. Muscle Building Mistakes To Avoid.


It’s imperative to eat after a workout. After the session, your body needs to convert glucose into glycogen so the muscles can repair themselves & grow. In case you don’t eat after exercise, your body will break down muscle into amino-acids to convert into glucose. Muscle Building Mistakes To Avoid.

How to fix it? Once you’re done with your work out, just eat a high-carbohydrate meal and don’t forget protein intake. As per the study, four-to-one carbohydrate-to-protein ratio will provide 128% greater muscle-glycogen storage than a high-carbohydrate drink. For greater results, have a sports drink before & during exercise. If you want to go pro, you can also get along with some steroid injections like Deka duralinMuscle Building Mistakes To Avoid.

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