Jewelry Trends 2019: Some Old Trends are Back

Jewelry Trends 2019

The four major international fashion weeks are one of the most important events in the fashion industry every year. Thanks for social media, Fashion Week is no longer a high-level industry event, but it has become the focus of public discussion. After the tea breaks, the fashion week has practical guiding significance for us, such as the trend of the next season. Fashion Week is still in full swing, and the jewelry trends 2019 d has been released. Come and receive this practical trend guide.

Jewelry Trends 2019

Choker is back

You must remember that Choker suddenly caught fire in the past two years. The most common case is the interpretation of Natalie Portman, Léon. However, this trend is not gone, but fashion is reincarnation, we are here to tell you that the Choker has come back again. In the spring and summer of 2019 series, its figure appears frequently, and the material is also changeable pearl, metal…the style is also varied, minimalist, complicated…

Selfie-culture made exaggerated earrings always fashionable

The self-portrait culture continues to prosper to preserve the fashion status of exaggerated earrings because they can perfectly set off the lines of the face.  In addition to makeup, I can only make a fuss on the earrings. Other jewelry can’t be photographed. Therefore, designers are constantly digging into ideas to launch a variety of designs, from metal styles to beading and finishing, tassels and more. At the same time, unilateral earrings are also the darling of fashion. There are 8  in 10 shows that can be used with unilateral earrings, so… you know.

Ring earrings

The ring earrings are still trendy, and they are still active in the trendy turf of spring and summer next year. Only more evolved more variants, but also more creative. From spiral styles with pearls to shaped rings, designers are constantly coming up with new ideas.

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Pendant and coin decoration is attacking

Pendants are not only suitable for necklaces and bracelets. Nowadays, there are also a variety of small pendants on the earrings. In addition, the necklaces decorated with coins continue to be hot, and they are mostly in the form of stacks.

Bracelet, the bigger, the better.

Is the arm the next battlefield for jewelry? Rodarte turned the bracelet into a weapon for the armed arm; Tom Ford introduced a large crocodile-shaped bracelet that looks like a leather cuff, and the watch strap of the same material echoes it.

The Chain is recovering

The chain is revived in various forms, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, waist chains… Please pay attention to the link as it is recovering.

Summer maritime atmosphere brought by shells

Although it is not ubiquitous, shells are increasingly appearing on this T-stage, adding to the natural atmosphere of the ocean along with corals, after all, summer is reminiscent of the sea.

Jewelry Trends 2018

Look Back in 2018

Minimal geometric shape

In the 2018 spring and summer jewelry trend, geometric architectural styling seems to bear the brunt, paving the way for the new jewelry era. They are simple and crisp, and they are more eye-catching than any other chic.

At Roksanda, we could see a lot of complicated earrings, twists, and original beads. And Rejina Pyo’s mobile sculpture trend continues, Miu Miu’s flower bracelet is too cute, and Missoni’s shoulder is the protagonist. A small area consisting of lines and circles swaying around the ear, just like everyone has a quarantine area belonging to something, mysterious and full of attraction.

Gorgeous Baroque style

Baroque accessories are coming to us with a thrilling beauty. Open and noble, with a touch of drama and emotion that is incompatible with everyday life. At Dolce & Gabbana, a gemstone-decorated crown, McQueen offers a blend of pearl gemstones, while in Versace, you can see Catholic-style cross earrings. The dazzling gold, paired with the radiant pearls, looks elegant and luxurious.

The slender collar has a stubborn childlike play and an adjustable design. There are not many pearl tassels in the staggered layer, but it is bright enough.

Oversized HOOPS

A huge hoop of various specifications and styles, a strong invasion in the last two years. It’s ubiquitous and super practical, want to have a cocktail party? Go find a pair of jeweled “iron rings”. Want to make a sports fashion? Large earrings are available, and medium hoops are a must-have item. Take a look at the fashion show inspired by the Fanty x Puma X game. The oversized earrings definitely steal the focus of the show. The area’s large hoops feature crystal-like packaging and parties. Giorgio Armani’s double hoop products are also impressive.

Personality rope

Innovative rope jewelry brings an unprecedented DIY fun. After all, it has so many interesting colors, so many combinations, completely different from the metal material, more natural and more individual.

At Oscar de la Renta, twisted rope collars and bracelets leave everything else blank. The Altuzarra Paris Fashion Week debuted with a collection of rope necklaces with magical pendants and cute bracelets. Gabriela Hearst, a wraparound rope earring, instantly opens the door to the new world.

Irregular earrings

In fact, the asymmetrical earrings have already caught fire in recent years, and today’s runway just makes it popular and becomes a more obvious trend. We can see countless collocations, not only in terms of length or color, but sometimes even completely inconsistent, and there are countless possibilities for collocation.

Oscar de la Renta is clearly against all conventional, twisted hoop earrings, boldly contrasting with artistic flower-shaped pieces. But without a comparison, the silver-gold alliance with Roberto Cavalli is even more vivid. Versace’s golden nautical theme makes the harmonious shells and starfish a perfect interpretation.

Stacked ring

In the past 2017, you may feel that the entire fashion circle was wearing a similar ring, a big single ring, some of which like sunflower rings, cocktail rings… The trend in the spring of 2018 is to make a group of rings the same rather than different.

At Adam, all four fingers are X-shaped silver rings. Dion Lee can see the fine silver-white triplet, Gucci’s animal head three rings can be used as protective armor. But Chloe’s interpretation is undoubtedly the most daring, multiple gold rings intertwined, without any free finger movements.

Stacked on the ring is high, such as this thin circle, colorful 5A square zircon inlaid on it, the ring in the form of a chain is light and lovable, making the fingertips lively and vivid. Different colors in the same paragraph, the stack is worn alone. Gold-plated, thin ring with zircon, multi-color optional, small and exquisite but very shining. The small and delicate buds are colorful, and they are lovely candy colors, with sweet and beautiful decorative fingertips.

Which trend do you like most? Talk to us about your favorite jewelry trend!

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