Is contouring makeup technique out of fashion already?

Is contouring makeup technique out of fashion already

Remember even till the end of the last year our Instagram feeds had numerous contouring tutorial videos which showed us all the ways to get a perfect contouring look. It was the biggest and the most revolutionary trend in the makeup department for a great while now. However, there are many industry experts that feel that this trend has been around for a while and probably it is time to say goodbye to it has come.

As it always has been the trends in fashion are in one day and out just another, it is important for us to keep ourselves updated with the current makeup and fashion trends so we stay on board with the world. And if you already didn’t know contouring is pretty much out of fashion.

Contouring was a very popular technique of makeup where different shades of makeup which ranges from two to even five shades. The problem of using this technique it can make you look like a statue and the overall look might end up looking very overdone and too dressy. If not done right and in the right amount it may ruin the whole look. This technique was taken to another level of popularity by the reality queen of Hollywood herself Kim Kardashian.

The contouring got so popular that people queued on the internet to learn this complex technique. The fact that contouring You Tube tutorials were getting almost 22 million views for the videos. The technique was most importantly used to change the shape of the face and its texture. It is used to make the nose appear slimmer and chiseled cheekbones. This made everything attracted to the trend to enhance and change the appearance of the face.

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In 2014, the trend got the approval of the fashion industry’s top gun like Tom Ford, Armani Prive and Christian Siriano who have featured their models on their fashion show runways in extremely chiseled facial structures which were achieved by the technique of contouring. However, the same fashion wizards have featured their models in a rather natural makeup looks on their fashion runways in the recent seasons.

However, there were always few other top fashion designers like Jason Wu, Creature of the Wind and Rebecca Minkoff who stayed away from heavy contouring looks and rather going for sunkissed looks for their models on the runway to enhance their natural beauty.

One other reason for the contouring going out of fashion is the complexity of the technique itself. Despite thousands of tutorials many couldn’t get the look right. As even the smallest of errors in contouring could result in the disastrous look, people found it very difficult to master this technique and when they didn’t it resulted in bad looks.

Hence, it was a given that this beauty makeup trends had to slowly go out the fashion. Thus, if you are still using contouring probably it is the time to stop and switch more natural looking makeup dos.

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