Indisputable Facts to Understand Before Buying Organic Milk Online

Indisputable Facts to Understand Before Buying Organic Milk Online

Organic and conventional milk will offer you equivalent nutrition perks without compromising your health. Preference of one to the other will largely depend on your taste. However, if you intend to order milk online, it’s critical to validate the certification licenses of your vendor to ensure you receive healthy farm fresh milk.

Indisputable Facts about Organic Milk

Organic milk is produced by cows that have been reared by exclusive organic methods. Their fodder is grown without inorganic fertilizer and pesticides. Besides, these cows are reared without antibiotics and growth hormones that boost milk production. Further, organic milk-producing cattle have access to open pasture for longer than their conventional milk-producing counterparts.
Most online organic milk vendors blow the benefits of organic milk out of proportion. Below are scientific facts about organic milk:

Antibiotics residue

Since organic milk is produced by cows that haven’t been treated with antibiotics, organic milk is completely free of antibiotics residue. Though conventional milk may spot some traces of antibiotics, these residues are normally below set tolerance levels thus acceptable and equally healthy.

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Growth hormones

Organic milk-producing cows are reared exclusively without growth hormones. On the other hand, regular milk-producing cattle may be treated with recumbent growth hormone bovine hormone (rbST) that boosts milk production by around 10-15%. A common misconception is that cows treated with this hormone produce “dangerous” milk. However, you should dispel those fears with these facts:

  •  Residues of this hormone in regular milk are minuscule and harmless to you
  •  Pasteurization denatures most residue hormones in milk
  •  Only a small fraction of cattle reared for conventional milk production are treated with milk-boosting
  •  Hormones
  •  Upon ingestion, any residue hormones in milk are digested thus rendered harmless.

organic milk nutration

Nutrition value

Milk has been proven to be the most nutrient-rich natural drink as it contains almost all vital body supplements. It’s rich in Potassium, Calcium, proteins, Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, vitamins B12 and D amongst others. Some nutrition enthusiasts paint organic milk as more nutritious than conventional milk. Nonetheless, this is untrue as both types have been proven to have equivalent nutrient values.
It’s important to remember that the nutrient content of a milk sample is dependent on some factors that are independent of nature (organic or conventional) of the milk. Still, the way a cow is nurtured regarding diet, pest and disease control directly affects the quality of its milk.


In this modern age, producing organic milk is a challenging undertaking as organic farming methods are arguably more costly than conventional ones. Hence, organic milk almost always retails at higher market prices than traditional milk. This is also compounded by the marginal population of farmers supplying organic milk. If you plan to order organic milk online, you’ll pay more because demand ousts supply by far.

Shelf life

Some organic milk enthusiasts assert that organic milk lasts longer than conventional milk. Nevertheless, this is immaterial as contemporary milk treatment, and preservation methods like pasteurization and high-pressure treatment lengthen the shelf life of regular and organic milk equally.

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