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How To Get Rid Of FUPA

Lots of Women faced problem for FUPA. Maybe you are thinking what is FUPA. FUPA mean you have extra fat on your upper pubic area. Sometimes for some people, it became a cause of embarrassment. Seriously no one like extra fat. Everyone wants to get rid of this extra fat. That’s why we will discuss a few ways and tips that can help you to burn fat in your pubic area and help you to Get rid of FUPA.

How To Get Rid Of FUPA

There are multiple ways that can help you get rid of FUPA. That’s mean you have to burn that extra fat. Here some ways that can help you.


There are many intense workouts to burn body but in order to burn fat of your Upper Pubic area, you need to do some type of exercise that only create pressure on this species are. That Include –


Plank is one of the known exercises to burn fat of your upper pubic area or midsection of the human body. You don’t need expensive tools in order to do the plank.
Step 1: Firstly, Get Into the Position like push up.
Step 2: Now, You have to Put Your entire body weight on your toes and forearms. Make sure that your Torso is in straight.
Step 3: Now Hold This Position as long as you can. Try to hold more long time, every time you do it. (At least 30 Sec)

Step 4: Take the rest for a few seconds and try to do it again and again.

Step 5: Try to do it at least 6-7 Times every day. It creates extensive pressure on the midsection of your body.

Pelvic Tilt

Pelvic tilt also creates pressure on the midsection of your body which is really good in order to get rid of fupa. Let’s see how to do it step by step.
Step 1: Firstly you have to lie down in a plain place.
Step 2: Now bend your knees.
Step 3: You Have to place your feet firmly on the flat ground.
Step 4: Now Lift Your Pelvis or lower abdomen.
Step 5: Now try to hold this position as long as you can.
Step 6: Now Slowly Lower Your Pelvis.
Step 7: Try to repeat it again and again.

Mountain Climber

Step 1: Lie on the flat floor.
Step 2: Now you have to keep your arms and knees straight.
Step 3: Now do like push-ups and same time take your knees up like the plank.
Step 4: Now Bend your knee toward your opposite arm and straighten it.
Step 5: And now try to do same opposite arm and feet.
Step 5: If you do it properly you will feel pressure on your lower abdomen area. If not then you must be doing it wrong.
Step 6: Repeat this process as long as you can, but try to do it at least 20 times. (For Each Side)
Step 7: Increase the amount of doing it over and over.

Bicycle Crunch

This is an extreme type of crunch. You will find it useful if you can do it properly. Now follow the step by step guide in order to get rid of FUPA.
Step 1: Firstly You Have to Lie down on the flat ground.
Step 2: Now you can use your arms in order to support your neck.
Step 3: Try to raise your leg in such a position, so you can cycle in the air.
Step 4: Use your both leg.
Step 5: Try to repeat this process for 20-30 times.

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Reverse Crunch

This exercise also great to burn midsection fat or also known as FUPA.
Follow the step by step guide to do this exercise perfectly.
Step 1: Lie on the flat ground or floor.
Step 2: Go to the traditional crunch position.
Step 3: Now you have to keep your feet flat on the ground.
Step 4: Keep your arms under your neck or head. you can use those arms to support your neck.
Step 5: Now Press your lower back.
Step 6: Lift your feet off the floor.
Step 7: Make sure that your feet are together.
Step 8: Bent your feet at 90-degree angle.
Step 9: Now try to use your core and pull your knees into your chest. In this way, you can raise your tailbone.
Step 10: Use your abs nothing else.

Now try to repeat this same process as many time as you can.
All those exercises are proven and they can burn extra fat that gathered on the midsection of your body. That’s mean this exercise can help you to get rid of FUPA.
diet for fupa

Change Your Diet

Exercise is important but it is also important to control your diet. There is plenty of healthy food that can help you with it. You have to reduce the eating of junk foods. And try to cut your extra meal. Because when your body needs energy, and it will not get from food it will start to break your fat cells. You can do fasting, it also can help you.

Try to eat lots of green vegetables. It can help to burn your fat in many ways. Fiber inside vegetable can help to detox your metabolism system. And

And same time it contains many essential vitamins and mineral which charge your cells and gives a boost to the entire system.

You can change your snacks with salads. It can help you lots. Try to consume small meals instead of the big meal with a big time gap.

Use coconut oil instead of other oil. Because coconut oil can help you lot in order to burn fat. It contains HDL(High-Density Lipoprotein) which is also known as good cholesterol.

These are just simple food and exercise. But the hardest thing is not every people can follow those simple thing every day. If you can follow some simple exercise and can change your diet .you will able you burn the extra fat that stored in the midsection of your body. That’s mean you can able to get rid of Fupa.

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