How to get rid of acne fast | Remedy to remove pimples overnight

get rid of acne or pimpleIt’s hard to find people who are less worried about pimple problems. Now the pimple problem is very high this time. Today we will know how easily you can get rid of acne fast and keep your skin healthy. You can use those remedy to remove pimples overnight.

There are many different types of pimple treatment. But after all the treatment, pimples are not completely cured. Or after a few days, the pimple occurs again. Many people have too much skin sensitivity. As a result, the skin of the skin and pus is extinguished by acne. The pain is unbearable. You can temporarily control the acne in the application of medicines; however, because acne is an allergy-related disease, so depending on your lifestyle, acne commences or grows.

To reduce the acne, you have to do some general work that will affect your lifestyle as well as acne.

Get Rid of Acne Fast

Neem and Mint Leaf

Everyday use of Neem or Mint leaf paste, reduce the acne. Neem has the anti-bacterial property which helps get rid of acne fast.

Use toothpaste

Put a little toothpaste on the pimple, keep it overnight.  Wash it in the morning. It will reduce the size of the acne.

Use garlic

Brush raw garlic on top and around pimples. This will solve the problem very quickly and the scars will also decrease.

Use orange peel

Make orange peel paste and coat it on the face. Pimple will be reduced.

Honey use

As soon as the acne comes up, apply honey on it. It cannot grow anymore.

Use of paper lemon

Let the papaya lemon juice on the face before sleeping and wash it in the morning. The face will stay pimples free.

Use Vinegar

Mix a little water with vinegar and heat it up.  Then cool it and apply on your face. Wash after 5 minutes. It helps to remove pimples overnight.

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Use of potatoes 

Slice the potato and rub it on the acne 5-7 Minutes. The size of the pimples will be greatly reduced.

Using cucumber

Make a little lamb juice mixed with lashes and apply the face Wash after half an hour. There will be no acne.

Face Wash

Clean face with face wash at least twice a day. Never use soap in the face. After doing dirty work wash your face. Every time you come from outside wash your face.

Tea tree oil

Tea-oil contains antiseptic and anti-inflammatory components. Applying some drops of tea to cotton and apply it very softly. You will see that acne has recovered within a few days.


Debra Jeliman, the author of New York’s Dermatologist and Skin Rules, said that aspirin is a type of salicylic acid. This material is used in the products of acne or acne removal. Paste with aspirin powder and make a paste with water. Put this paste in 10 to 10 minutes straight into acne. Then wash your face with warm water.


Dr. Jellyman said that ice worked to reduce the swelling of the ankle when it melts. It is also quite effective to reduce acne inflammation. Put a small piece of ice into a clean cloth and keep it in the acne for one minute. This method reduces acne and redness of acne.

Many of us have bad habits of acne scars with nails. We need to understand that this is not a solution. In contrast, the condition of acne will be worse. This causes acne to become red. Even if it bursts, it will create spots on your face. Do not use makeup until the acne goes out. Wash your face with at least twice a day of oil-free face wash.

Those who have been suffering from acne for a long time they can try those to get rid of acne fast. If it does not work in any way, they are no longer late for any experienced doctor.

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