How to Find the Best Face Mask for Your Skin Type

How to Find the Best Face Mask for Your Skin Type

Are you someone who is always confused about the right skincare regimen? Well, most of the people are! And, did you know that most of the women only use a moisturizer and a toner as their essential skincare products? They seem not to understand the importance of scrub and mask. If you are an Instagram junkie, you must have seen the skincare tutorials of the skincare experts and DIY enthusiasts. No doubt, they look amazing! But, they seem to have so many products, and ingredients involved that people who are not very crazy about skincare seem to just drop the idea of trying them.

 They end up looking for simple and easy skincare solutions – provided they have internet subscription such as HughesNet Internet. Generally, it is easy to find the right moisturizers and toners. The mask and scrub are the tricky parts. In this blog post, we are going to help you find the right mask according to your skin type.

Finding the right masks for your skin type could be a real challenge. With DIY masks trending, people seem to rely on natural options more. The natural ingredients are readily available in the kitchen and are much more affordable. The skincare brands are expensive and the multiple steps/products put the customers off. Whether you go for the ready-made products or DIY options, you need to know certain things about your skin essentially. Knowing basics like your skin type, your skin problems, allergies, and your skincare goals will lead you in the right direction.

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Face Masks

The emerging beauty trends essentially include facemasks. Social media has us addicted to DIY and at-home beauty treatments. Surveys indicate that the sales of masks, particularly sheet masks has massively increased in 2018 as compared to last year. #maskie, which is a famous Instagram hashtag for mask selfies, is gaining popularity in celebs and followers alike. Sheet, foaming, rubber, and mud masks have also gained a lot of popularity. It’s hard to decide which is more popular. Experts suggest that the key to the amazing skin is the mixture of hydration and moisture. We are going to discuss the best masks below for each kind of skin.

Masks for Dry Skin

Masks for Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, know that masks are really helpful to you. If your skincare regimen includes a number of moisturizing products and you still feel that your skin is dry by the end of each day, you need to include a nourishing mask. A mask that is rich in natural humectants and moisturizers is a great pick for people with dry skin.

One of the best and most effective humectants is honey in its raw form.

  • If you mix it with a moisturizing ingredient such as coconut oil (extra virgin) or jojoba oil, it will make a perfect mask for you
  • A vegan-friendly mixture of kaolin clay and activated charcoal is also a great mask for dry skin

As a regular practice, you should add honey in any mask that you use for dry skin. It makes the skin retain its moisture and leave it glowing and hydrated.

Masks for Combination and Normal Skin

Masks for Combination and Normal Skin

For people with combination skin, finding the right products is actually a challenge. When it comes to masks, mud masks and other dry-skin masks seem to dry the dryer parts. And, the moisturizing masks make the oily spots oilier. Balance in hydration is the key to the skin of this type.

For combination skin, you need to work with a mixture of various things such as natural humectants and ingredients, which don’t have an intense oily effect.

  • A mask including raw honey is top notch for combination as well as sensitive skin. To richly nourish your skin, add a little match a green tea or turmeric powder
  • Go for any Ayurvedic scrub for gentle exfoliation and for the skin to be in the right balance

Adding honey to any mask that you use is a great idea for people with combination skin too. After rinsing, end up with using your favorite serum.

Masks for Oily Skin

Masks for Oily Skin

For people with oily skin, mud and clay masks are the best. While applying a clay mask that hardens when it dries doesn’t seem to be a very comfortable idea, they contain miracle ingredients to control oil.

  • The clay masks deeply exfoliate and cleanse the skin.
  • They have cooling effects and both mud and clay masks help in repairing the damage caused by sunlight and remove impurities from the pores.
  • They help in combating acne, which comes effortlessly with oily skin.

With this simple guide about the suitable ingredients according to your skin type, you can easily choose the right mask for yourself. There are skincare experts who offer their beauty advice for free and you can contact them easily. Don’t be hesitant in sharing your skin condition to get the best advice. You also require beauty experts to get the best skincare advice!

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