How Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and eyes are correlated?

Chronic Fatigue SyndromeRecently, a number of people around the world have been suffering from extreme form of fatigue that extends above six months; medically known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). It occurs as intense tiredness and weakness of the body which don’t improve with simple rest and sleep. Any physical activity or mental exertion can worsen the condition.

A survey also revealed that millions of people worldwide today suffer from CFS due to stressed lifestyle and overburdened responsibilities including workplace and family. Another surprising revelation is that the condition can be connected to vision and eye health. Diagnosing the disease can be difficult at times because the symptoms are classified to various other illnesses.

Some of the primary CFS-associated symptoms however include extreme fatigue, muscle and joint pain, problems with memory and concentration, sore throat, physical and/or mental exhaustion, enlarged lymph nodes under the armpits or in the neck. There’re other symptoms that however mightn’t show up in every person; these include allergies to food and medicine, night sweats and chills, frequent mood swings, visual anomalies, dizziness and fainting feel.

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CFS & Vision

Blurred vision, itchy, watery eyes with some individuals also experience problems like dry eyes during CFS. Other vision related issues may include problems focusing on items, tracking fine lines, compromised distant vision, tunnel and blurry vision, eye floaters and more. All those suffering from CFS should’ve their complete vision check-up from expert eye consultants in Dubai.

Doctors also concluded that CFS patients also experience poor oculomotor control which results in slower and jerky eye movements. Exophoria; another ocular anomaly in which one eye is covered/layered while the other is drifted outwards with limited marginal fields, lower blink rates, smaller pupils, chronic allergic conjunctivitis, abnormal tear film and abnormalities at the ocular surface.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment

Series of vision examinations from eye consultants in Dubai or at any other place will help in deciding the corrective course of treatment. Keeping the body hydrated also reduces issues associated to dry eye syndrome, gentle massage on the eyes with warm compresses can be helpful too. In case the patient is light sensitive, fluorescence cover is preferred that can be anything such as an eye patch, sunglass or anything recommended by the doctor.

Over-the-counter antihistamines may relieve patients suffering from CFS symptoms such as itchy and watery eyes. Do remember that the condition is likely to elevate if a patient further engages himself in physical and mentally exhausting tasks. Lifestyle changes also helps in neutralising CFS such as proper sleep, a balanced diet, body and mind relaxing activities, avoid caffeine and nicotine intake. Vision improving vitamin supplements can be helpful but only if recommended by the doctor.

For patients who’re tempted to do too much all at once or literally engage themselves in exhausting activities, they’ll pay the price of heightened CFS. A content and mentally relaxed patient is likely to enter remission phase sooner as compared to the one who continue pushing his mind and body beyond limits.

For overall eye health, it’s advised to have them checked at a professional doctor after every six months.

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