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Height Improving Simple ExercisesIn modern society, an individual’s height is considered as his social, as well as his professional standing. We human come in various shapes and sizes and imagine how boring it would have been if we all looked the same. Our height plays a very important role in our self-esteem and confidence. Moreover, society looks differently upon people who are short height.

If you are one of them who have felt over the years that had you been a little taller than what you actually are, you may have tried a number of options, but actually, have missed the most natural and effective way to grow taller. It is some basic exercises that we have skipped because we were not aware of them.

Even though the general belief is that we as adults cannot grow taller than what we are, studies and researches conducted on the subject have revealed just the opposite. Here are some simple set of exercises to grow taller that has been developed by experts, and have proved to work irrespective of your age.

Height Improving Simple Exercises

The Magic of Stretching

Some of it, you might have been using already to warm up before a sports event or workout, but there are specifically those ones that target your back and your legs, increasing the chances to grow taller.

The key of focusing on these parts of the body is all because legs and back make up for your height and attending these two areas help in better results. Our body reacts to stretches by producing hormones for growth (HGH) in our body. These hormones travel through our bloodstream to reach the liver and produce a protein like substance known as the insulin-like growth factor. It is this substance that is responsible for possibilities of height increase. The cartilage at the end of our long bones like the shin and thigh bones to thicken and also multiply, adding inches to our height.

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Moreover, stretching only helps in thickening of the cartilage to increase height, but also the spinal alignment and the curvature also improves and extends to its maximum capacity, thereby, increasing the height.

Examples of stretching Exercises:

  • The Forward Bend: Stand with both legs together and hand on the thigh and bend forward reaching your toes. Remember to hold the knees together tight in place and loosening them would be of no use for the stretch. Keep doing to see results.
  • The Downward Dog: Position as a dog by purring all your four limbs touching the ground and your back and legs stretched as an arch. Tougher initially but more impactful than the forward bend.
  • Head to Knee Stretch: Sit on the ground with legs straight and back upright. Bend your knee sideward and then bend your back forward. Reach as far as you can go and try with both the knees separately and as well together.
  • The Pelvic Lift: Lie straight on the ground. Bend knees upwards and raise your waist. Keep in the position for some time and repeat.

These are simple exercises that as a child we all have done at our PT classes. Keep doing them and see the changes it brings to your height and posture.

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