Healthy hair tips for daily lifestyle

Healthy hair tips for daily lifestyleI want to share with you guys some of my favorite healthy hair tips. So, here are 10 healthy hair tips every girl should know.

    • Naked stick bobby pins can sometimes be slippery and slide out of your hair one trick to make them really stick and stay put is to spray them with hairspray before putting them in your hair. This will give them enough hold so they won’t budge.
    • Sleek that pony to get a really sleek pony set of spraying your hair with hairspray directly which can leave your hair looking frizzy and feeling sticky. Instead, spray your hairbrush then brush through your hair with it. This will give you bleakness without the greasiness.
    • Blot away if you don’t have any dry shampoo on hand. An easy way to get rid of greasy hair is with blotting sheets use them to absorb up the grease without leaving any residue. This is also a great healthy hair tip for on-the-go.
    • Five-minute curls if you’re in a hurry and you don’t have time to move curl all your hair. Which can take forever like it does for me? I like to put up my hair up in a ponytail and then only curl my ends using a curling wand. This will save your time and your hair will still look super cute.

  • Don’t be a flea if you use a lot of products and over style your hair. Even things like sweat and really caused you to get itchy and dry. A very common myth is that if you use a typical dandruff shampoo it will damage or dry your hair. That is not true. If you suffer from dandruff that doesn’t mean, you have to compromise your hair to live flake free using. Head & Shoulders instant relief shampoo is the best way to get 100% flake-free hair while still keeping your hair looking healthy, beautiful, shiny and smooth.  Don’t worry! It won’t damage or dry your hair.

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    • Don’t crease it. There’s nothing like a fresh blow up. But if you tend to put your hair up and you go to sleep that will definitely cause it to freeze. So, a quick solution for that is grabbing a couple of cotton paths or makeup sponges and wraps them around your hair and then use a hair tie over. That you’ll wake up with beautiful creaseless hair and that perfect blowout intact.
    • Pump up the volume. These are my two favorite tricks for getting the most volume out of a blowout. First of all, about moves use a very generous amount added to what hair before blow-drying. This is going to give your hair tons of volume. Second, when you’re blow-drying your hair, you want to blow-dry it in the opposite direction to get the most volume possible. Once you flip your hair back the right way, you’ll see a huge difference.

  • Color your hairline. If you have an uneven hairline, easy ways to make it perfect. It’s by coloring it using a bit of eye-shadow that matches your hair color and a small brush to fill in the areas of your hairline. This is a great way to make your hair look fuller.

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  • Say goodbye to fly away. This is a little tip that I learned working on sets to get rid of flyaway use a makeup brush spray with a bit of hairspray. Use it to smooth down all the flyaway that might be popping up your hair will look perfectly smooth.
  • Raise that pony. Sometimes your pony can look limp or a little sad to get extra volume in your ponytail. Take a bobby pin and stick it into the back of your pony. This will give your pony tons of volume and lift.

I hope you guys find these healthy hair tips helpful in your daily life.

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