Healthcare in the age of social media

How healthcare providers can use social media

It is the age of electronic media. Be it socializing with like minded people, finding prospective clients, meeting prospective love interests, engaging with people in the same profession, or setting an appointment with the doctor, there is a technology for everything under the sun!

The social aspect of technology has had a major impact on how we lead our lives. It has become an integral part of marketing strategies of businesses big and small.

Social media is an effective way to reach out to people. Individuals and businesses are increasingly relying on social media to reach consumers. The healthcare sector, which has always been the first one embrace technological innovations, has once again taken a lead. Healthcare organizations like Hospital Information System (HIMS) companies in India too are using this to effectively provide healthcare awareness and opportunities to people through digital media.Post mail and telephone communications between hospitals and patients has almost completely been replaced by social media and digital applications. This trend is a big pointer towards the days of healthcare system about to come.

Social media has been instrumental in moving the healthcare ecosystem towards a more consumer centric approach. Healthcare companies are using social media as a way to engage patients and consumers and also prospective partners and clients.

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How consumers use social media and internet

Consumers nowadays rely heavily on information that is available on the internet when approaching healthcare.

If you have an ache, what do you tend to do? Google it, of course. Internet and social media are being used to gather information and sharing symptoms and treatment stories. Patient feedback, both positive and negative, on the net can promote or deter potential customers.

People share their experience with different healthcare providers and services through social media and seek advice regarding the same before approaching a doctor or institution. The internet and social media are the number one choices for gathering information regarding hospitals, doctors, treatments and services.

Therefore, it is essential for healthcare providers to engage with consumers, provide accurate information about health and wellness issues, remove misinformation and effectively market their services on social media.

How healthcare providers can use social media

Healthcare professionals are using the internet and social media for a host of reasons pertaining to health and wellness. The healthcare market is perhaps the one with the most social responsibility. They need to, not just market their products, but also contribute to the overall mental, physical and emotional health of society.

As such, healthcare professionals like hospitals, clinics, doctor, healthcare IT companies like HIMS companies in India (some of the good ones are Tenwave, Napier, Attune) can share general information regarding wellness, health hazards, preventive care and the like.

Sharing information regarding new technologies in healthcare and their potential advantages is also a good way to market products while educating the public about their choices of treatment.

How to posts and general knowledge posts like did you know posts are a fun and engaging way to spread awareness about healthcare?

There is a lot of misinformation and myths relating to healthcare widespread on the net. Healthcare professionals can aim their social media posts towards removing these misconceptions and sharing accurate information about health and wellness.

Social media is a wonderful tool for hospitals and doctors to engage with their patients. Use your social media presence to connect with current and prospective patients on a personal level. Make your social media a point of contact with patients, where they can post queries, connect with doctors and share feedback and grievances. A ¬†good social media practice is to be prompt, positive and accurate in your responses to consumers. This shows your organization’s commitment towards its customers.

HIS companies in India can take a leaf out of their international peers’ books and use social media to not just market their products and services and engage their consumers, but also check out the competition in the healthcare market. Comparing and analyzing your competitor’s products and services can help you improve the quality of your products and find innovative ways to market it.

Social media posts with a warm and welcoming vibe, those sharing the fun behind the scenes lives of staff and also ones showcasing the expertise of the staff through live procedure videos contribute in a positive way in building brand name and gaining trust among consumers.

While social media is a great place to interact with and educate consumers, both current and potential, it is also prone to risks as with any sharing platform. Patient information leak, inaccurate diagnosis, fraud and violation of laws are some of the major causes of concern in the healthcare sector. Therefore, it is important that all healthcare providers draft a clear media policy for the staff of their organizations so as not to endanger lives and personal details of unsuspecting clients. Social media should be used responsibly by healthcare professionals so that the society benefits and moves together towards a better quality of life.

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