Glaucoma: Symptoms and Remedies

Glaucoma: Symptoms and RemediesGlaucoma is a disease that destroys the nerves of the eyes. This usually occurs when the number of fluid increases in the front part of the eye. Extra fluid increases eye pressure and causes neurological damage. It is a major cause of blindness in people over 60 years old. But it is possible to prevent blindness in treatment at the right time. If there is glaucoma growing on your eyes, you may not be able to see any symptoms, and this disease starts working slowly, because of which your life is slowly disappearing. Fortunately, it is possible to keep your eyes fixed on the diagnosis and treatment at the right time.

Healthy eyes have a kind of transparent water that we call aqua humor, which moves in front of the eye. To keep the normal pressure of the eye, our eyes are making small amounts of aqueous humor, and the same amount of water is going out of the eye. If you have glaucoma, this aqueous hummer cannot go out of the eye properly, so that the fluid pressure continues to grow and the nerve damage is over time.

Glaucoma can be of many types, most of which are “Open-angle glaucoma”. Generally, there is no prefix in open-angle glaucoma, and the vision is normal. As the nerves of the eyes become worse, the more you see the Blank Spot. This balance spot cannot be seen in your daily activities until it becomes bigger, your nerves have been significantly affected. When all the nerves become inefficient, blindness arises.

Glaucoma is at greater risk of the disease:

  • 40 older people
  • Hereditary glaucoma disease
  • African and Hispanic groups
  • Asian group (angle closure glaucoma and Asian low tension glaucoma risk among Asians)
  • Those who have high asthma
  • Those who have a far-sighted vision and close vision
  • If there is any wound in the eye
  • Diabetes, migraine, high blood pressure, low blood pressure or other physical disabilities

Talk to your eye specialist about the risks of glaucoma. If you have more problems with any of the above, then there is a greater risk of developing your glaucoma.

Glaucoma symptoms

Do not say anything about angle closure glaucoma. It is usually increased in the eyes of the eye. Therefore, no signs or symptoms can be understood beforehand. Signs also occur suddenly due to the sudden increase in eye pressure

  • Acute pain in the eye
  • Vomiting and vomiting
  • Headaches
  • Blurred eyes
  • Constantly drinking water with eyes

Usually, this problem occurs in one of the eyes. Such type of glaucoma is an urgent problem, so if you have any symptoms like this, and then look after your eye specialist. You can do laser therapy or surgery according to your eye specialist situation. Now the most common treatment is the laser ideology, where the laser beam of eye iris is reduced to a small hole so that the eye pressure decreases. For some reason, this procedure is not followed by ideology, where surgery is done through Iris. Also, various medicines are used to reduce the risk of acoustic humor production, reduce eye-to-eye pressure.

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Glaucoma Remedy

The only way to cure glaucoma is to diagnose disease in due course. Everyone should have glaucoma screening tests after 20 years of age. Those who are on the list of risks should be tested for a specific time. Although complete treatment is not possible after being Glaucoma, it is possible to keep it under control. Regular eye examinations and medicines are essential for everyone with glaucoma.

Remember that glaucoma is the reason for permanent blindness incomplete and without treatment.

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