8 Fabulous foods to boost sperm count and increase your chance of conceiving

Fabulous foods to boost sperm countThe human sperm requirement is immense. Do you want children in your life? Will your house light up? Whose smile and tears will fill your mind, one time parents will call him. And will fulfill your unfulfilled life. If that’s the case, then prepare now. Keep in mind that if children want special attention only on women’s food, men will have to eat good food to boost sperm count.

If you want to improve the chances of pregnancy, then choose the improved lifestyle. Proper feeding can help you to increase fertility.

According to statistics, about one-fifth of men suffer from sperm problems. Work’s pressure, stress, lifestyle and especially bad eating habits can be the cause of men’s barrenness.

However, such problems can be reduced through a healthy diet. In this way, along with fertility, DNA health can be protected, which will affect your child.

Healthy foods can also help to increase your libido.

Foods to Boost Sperm Count

So let’s know what food men’s sexual fertility will increase. The following is discussed below:

Zinc Rich Foods

Sperm and testosterone are very effective in increasing production. The lack of gloves is the main reason for most people’s infertility.


Water does not save the life only. It increases your fertility. Increasing the volume of semen increases your drinking water, which promotes healthy sperm.


Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds contain omega-3 fatty acids, which help stimulate blood flow to the sexual organs. These are a good food to eat raw. Because cooking or processed foods prevent the necessary nutrients. There is also plenty of zinc in it.

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Pulses are one of the main components of natural folic acid, which is an important component for a healthy sperm. Men who have fewer folate in their sperm are susceptible to chromosomal defects (very little or too much).


Pomegranate is rich in anti-oxidant, which increases blood flow. This fruit improves sperm quality. It also improves your lethargy.

Dark Chocolate

It works great for increasing sperm count and its mobility. It is rich in amino acids. Remember that as severe as chocolate, the better the results are available.

Fresh fruit and vegetables

It contains a lot of A, B, C and E vitamins. As a result, eating such food fertility increases.


Sperm plays a healthy walnut every day. As well as its activity also increases.

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