Foods that killing your sex drive | Avoid those foods to increase sexual energy

Foods That Killing Your Sex Drive try to avoid those foodsPeople do not do much to protect sexual health! Some foods have a very important role in making sexuality happy. Maybe in your diet have some foods that killing your sex drive. But many of us do not know that some foods may have adverse effects on men’s sexual power. Therefore, you should avoid some special foods to increase sexual energy. There are special foods that play a role in reducing sexual excitation in the body.

Therefore, eliminating the following foods life is good for everyone in the sexual health.

Foods That Killing Your Sex Drive (Avoid Those Foods)

Cheese and curd

Milk is an ideal diet for sexual health. But some of the dairy products, such as cheese, curd, etc. produce a type of estrogen in the body that can reduce sexual excitation. So it is best to avoid dairy foods.


Those who accept alcohol refuse to listen negative about alcohol. But when taking regular alcohol, the production of testosterone hormone in men decreases and sex life is severely damaged.

Snack food

Sour fruit-vegetable and sour food that made in different ways have a serious effect on sex. These foods can reduce sexual energy significantly. So avoid eating too many sour foods to maintain the sexual ability and take little sour foods to get its vitamins and mineral.

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Some studies have shown that mint can reduce sexual excitation. Peppermint in the spearmint plays a role in reducing sexual excitation of the body.

Refined or Artificial sugar

Many people use refined sugar to reduce fat or diabetes. But artificial sugar may be the cause of sexual health. Artificial sugar reduces the production of sexually stimulating hormones in serotonin. The lack of serotonin can also cause problems like depression, headache, etc.


Drinking excess coffee daily can lead to damage of sex life. Extra coffee plays a role on the adrenal gland, and as a result, the stress hormone is produced. Stress hormone production has adverse effects on sex hormones and thyroid hormones, and gradual sexual life becomes fatal.

Fried Food

Tran’s fat is available in frying foods; which plays a role in reducing sexual excitation. Due to the presence of Tran’s fat, testosterone production decreases and reduces the male’s sperm quality. Fried foods cause sexual excitation to reduce sexual health.

Those are the foods that killing your sex drive every day. Avoid those foods to increase sexual energy and try to eat that food for increasing the sexual energy.

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