Major Disadvantages of Genetically modified Foods

Disadvantages of Genetically modified Foods

The consumption of Genetically modified food, these days have been recent trends among the people. These foods are evolved by the transformation or the alterations of the regular genes which are normally found in the food by other types of genes. The DNA which is present in the genes of these foods completely gets changed or re-modified due to these changes. The main reason behind the production of the genetically modified foods is that they are completely better in quality and taste when compared with the other normal foods. The modifications that are made in these foods are seen as a prospect of Genetic Engineering Technology.

The concept that lies behind the production of these Genetically modified foods is to attain new characteristics which were not previously seen in these foods. One such example is the resistance to certain diseases while consuming specific varieties of food products. While there have been various debates all over the world on the consumption of these foods are going, many people say that it can be consumed due to the better taste and quality while the rest say that they are toxic to our health. It has been revealed through various researches that the quantity of food produced by the genetically modified crops and plants is generally high when compared to the normal cultivation.

There have been notable points where it has been said that these foods not only provide better taste and quality but also produces the required amount of nutrients to the body in large proportions. Still, it is not completely accepted since there are possibilities of intestinal damages due to the regular consumption of these foods. While there have been many benefits in consuming the genetically modified, there also surrounds some disadvantages of consuming the food which we will postulate in our article “Cons of genetically modified foods”.

Demerits of Genetically Modified Foods

Demerits of Genetically Modified Foods:

There have several notable and proven disadvantages for the consumption of Genetically modified foods and also it affects the plantation of these foods. Genetically modified foods may consist of various pros and cons. But here we are discussing the Disadvantages of this kind of foods. Some of the known disadvantages of these foods are :

Environmental Damage:

  • This has been cited as the most important point of discussion in the debate as there is a total damage caused to the environment due to the cultivation of these GMO foods.
  • The habitation of the plants and the livestock in an environment which are completely different from the normal conditions it habitats affect the growth of these and also proves to be hazardous to the environment.
  • In such cases, artificial measures are either made to the environment for the evolving of these which completely destroys the total outlook of the natural environment and completely ends in a massacre.
  • The growth of these plants is often genetically done by crossbreeding.
  • For example, the genes of the weeds and the cattle may be inhibited into the plants which help in becoming the plants to attain the resistance against the insect.
  • And the pesticides and shows an enormous level of growth in the plants which may be profitable for the cultivator but on a result of complete environmental damage.
  • By doing so, the possibility of natural manure and pesticides which are to be attained by the plants are completely denied and they become completely dependent on the modified environment.
  • This is seen to be the first and most important disadvantage of these manufactured foods.

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Lesser Economic Value:

  • Despite producing large quantities of food and required nutrients to the body, these foods are not considered of much economic value when compared with the non-modified foods.
  • The reason for not gaining much economic value is due to the drawbacks it possesses to the health of the human nature and the complete environment.
  • While it has also been calculated that the cost related issues are very much less in this method when compared to the non-GMO foods.
  • The impacts which it creates have been seen the main culprit for the economic degradation of these GMO foods.
  • Due to the low economic value being provided with the GMO foods, many cultivators have stopped the production of these GMO foods.
  • They have alternatively turned themselves towards their own traditional methods of cultivation of crops and plants.

Allergic Reactions:

  • Consumption of foods which are genetically modified is said to have produced allergic reactions among the people who regularly consume these foods and also to a more extended, they also produce some other risks.
  • These allergies are caused by humans due to the reason that the food products when genetically modified contain abnormal proportions of proteins and other unwanted elements in large quantities. It may ultimately result in causing some allergic reactions when consumed by the people.
  • These mixed proportions of the proteins and other components do not actually match with the original proteins which are commonly seen in the plants and the animals. It creates an intrusion resulting in some sort of allergic reactions.
  • As a result of these mixtures to the plants and animals in the genetically modified foods, people who are usually not allergic to certain varieties of food become allergic and nature. It creates an impression in their mind to avoid the food even when they are not genetically modified.
  • The allergies may prove to be either reversible in some cases and irreversible in some cases.
  • This phenomenon makes us include it in the list of disadvantages of consuming the genetically modified foods.

Decreased Antibiotic Efficacy:

Foods which are genetically modified usually encompass the feature of being Anti-biotic and anti-inflammatory in nature to protect themselves from any diseases. It also boosts the resistance power of the food.

Consumption of such foods of antibiotic nature can directly act on the original antibiotic capability of the immune system and may make it be completely inefficient in performing its task.

In simple words, it can be said that the resistance power of the immune system completely drops down and will not be able to carry out its functions properly.

Also, it is warned, that the regular consumption of these foods will also decrease the effects of the medicine which are to be consumed for several ailments of the body.

This scenario has been found to be true in several instances by the physicians. The people who regularly consume the GMO foods are not capable of exhibiting the power of the antibiotic drugs they consume for their ailments.

Gene Transfer:

  • The ultimate methodology that is involved in the manufacturing of these Genetically modified foods is the modification of the genes or the transfer of the genes. It is completely seen as a demerit in nature.
  • These modified genes of the produced organisms also carry the risk of getting escaped from the wild.
  • The genes which are formed with the help of crossbreeding are also said to have encompassed of possessing some superpowers. This makes difficult for the herbicides to kill them and also produces illustrious effects on the human immune system on consumption.
  • Also when this phenomenon gets transferred to the livestock and the animals like cattle’s, they tend to produce a new hybrid variety of the species exhibiting different varieties of characteristics apart from the normal behavior forcing them to be classified as a new species.


While there have been a variety of disadvantages which pertains to the development and consumption of these genetically modified foods in the recent days, there may have been some of the least known advantages of these foods. Nature has provided with surplus quantities of natural products and environment for the survival of every living organism and it is better to avoid the genetically modified foods even though they are cost efficient in nature. follow more post form my blog such as the health benefits of green tea.

The main reason for completely avoiding and denying the consumption of these food products is because they not only complete spoil the nature of the human immune system, their cultivation, and the harvestation also involves the procedure of complete environmental change. Hence it is advised to the readers to come up with their own decision on consuming the various genetically modified foods.

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