10 Daily Habits that Ruin the Quality of Your Hair

You have 10 daily habits that absolutely ruin the quality of your hair. As a guy you know that at some point in your life you are going to bold. So, it’s your job to keep it in into its pick condition when we speaking about health and the way it looks. Keep in mind, 10 things that you may be doing every day, but absolutely ruin your hair.

Firstly, we got to talk about using the correct shampoo. Keep in mind, something called sodium lauryl sulfate. The most commonly used chemical in shampoos because it acts like a detergent for your hair. This kind of chemical slightly harsh on your hair and it works fine in anti-dandruff shampoo. You need sodium lauryl sulfate once a week. But for every other time that shampoo your hair then you want to go with a slightly milder shampoo and this is where we’ve got to talk about sodium laureth sulfate or sodium lauryl ether sulfate. You can use this more than once a week. So if you want to wash your hair with a mild shampoo that’s you are looking for inside the shampoo. But sulfate free shampoo is more than good and no side effect if you use every day. But those are very expensive.

hair layerI am a fan of hair product. But end of the day the chemicals that you’re putting into your hair. You can use it once in a while, maybe when you’re going to a party. But at the end of the day, it’s a chemical that isn’t naturally present in your hair. That’s why to use hair product only once in a while maybe once a week once a month. If you guys every time you use it to make sure you wash it off correctly. Wash it off with water then apply a little bit of oil and then shampoo your hair. When you are shampoo your hair, don’t forget to use conditioner. Just make sure that this entire hair product comes off your hair through washing.

The sun as good as it is for your skin and your hair. It gives you vitamin D. Very harsh sunlight very often really isn’t good for you. Why? Because the sun is full of good stuff but it also contains UV rays. UV rays destroy the epithelial cells, which actually help your hair growth. Ideally, if you really care about the health of your hair, avoid harsh sunlight for a long time.

sweatingExercise and Sweating are great. But a downside is that it washes off all of your hair’s natural oil. The second downside that’s sweat is a mixture of water as well as your body’s natural salt and protein. The water might dry off, but the salt and protein crust up on your scalp on your hair and that’s farther dry your hair. Every time you had an intense cardio session, every time you sweat a lot. Try washing it off with a shampoo. Even better schedule your cardio session and shampoo on the same day as that of garden section. Also keep in mind, when you swim on pool water wash your hair. Pool water contains chlorine that bad for your hair.

Now we are talking about pollution. Something you can’t really avoid because most of us live in the city. What you can do, avoid heavy hair product like jazz or wax caught pollution and affect the health of your hair. Give your hair lighter hair product like the serum. Even think organic hair cream, something that made using natural ingredients. You can use every single day without worrying about the kind of effect it has on your hair.

wash hair with only waterAs important as it wash your hair with shampoo often, it’s equally as important to give your hair a break. Maybe take 1 or 2 days you don’t wash your hair with shampoo. Only wash with water. Why? Because the life of your hair is in the moisture present in your hair and the oil produce by the scalp. Give your hair and scalp some time to produce the oil. It need to produce those oils and in need of repair for maximum health. That’s why ideally take a break once in a while you don’t need to wash your hair every single day.

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Blow drying your hair. Just the way shampoo rep out your moisture and oil from your hair, blow drying does that much stranger fashion. You can use these once in a while, maybe like once a week once a month. Don’t use it often. It is absolutely lead to hair damage.

straightening The absolute worst thing that you can do to your hair splitting, It any kind of chemical procedures like straightening or coloring. Because procedure like coloring hair dyeing your hair. The way it works is that the hair dye destroying the cuticle (outer layer) of your hair. That’s allows the ink color seed inside of hair and color it into a different kind of color. Similarly, straightening of your hair destroys the natural oil and sucked up the natural moisture of hair that farther causes damage your hair. Lover your hair, love your own natural color.

Diet and lifestyle. Does diet and lifestyle affect your hair? Yes, it does affect both your skin and hair. When you talking about diet 3 important factors-

  1. Make sure your urine is clear, that’s means you’re hydrated and your skin and hair will be stay healthy.
  2. Focus on you protein intake. At lease take 1gm of protein per kg body weight.
  3. Mainly antioxidants found on vegetables and fruits.

And also very importantly, avoid smoking. If you can about your hair than you have to avoid smoking. When you smoke, inhale a lot of toxics which end up harming the follicle of hair. That’s means the route of your hair get damage because of your smoking.


Final point. When it comes to maintaining the health of your hair, it’s probably the most important point of them all. I am talking about stress and anxiety. The moment stressed, the moments you’re anxious your body elevate own cortisol level. Cortisol is a stress hormone that promotes the process of ageing, which affect the quality of your skin and the quality of your hair very badly. It’s also cause hair loss in long term. Actual solutions to get rid of stress and anxiety forever are regular prayer or meditation. That’s why we have a prayer or meditation on the advice.

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