Coorg Cuisine: 5 Rustic Vegetarian Culinary Experiences you Shouldn’t Miss!

Coorg Cuisine: 5 Rustic Vegetarian Culinary

It’s one of the stress busters in the Karnataka region! Coorg is famous for its traditional and authentic cooking experience. Using minimal use of spices, the process of cooking Coorg cuisines brings a vibrant taste to the food here. Famous items in Coorg include bamboo shoots, green vegetables, coffee, rice, vanilla etc. It has established its name as an eco-tourism center with rustic vegetarian culinary experiences.

If you are planning a short trip soon, here are 5 rustic vegetarian culinary experiences you shouldn’t miss in Coorg!

Coorg cuisines: 5 rustic vegetarian culinary experiences

  • Bamboo Shoot Curry

Bamboo shoots are one of the most popular and delicious recipes of the region. Traditionally made by the Kodavas, the bamboos are fermented and then made in the form of a stew. The soft texture of bamboos then is combined with spices to make a curry. The use of spices is kept minimal. It is the natural taste and blends of fermentation that brings oomph to his recipe. Coorg’s delight, the bamboo shoot curries are available in several variants for taste buds to jump in joy. It’s a must try when in Coorg!

  • Kadambutt (Rice dumplings)

Rice being one of the most worshipped crops of the region is a culinary experience too. The simple Kadambutt is a staple food for the locals here. Rice grains are purified several times before cooking and making rice balls. Small rice balls that are steamed and cooked to perfection are an amazing delight. Paired with bamboo shoot curry or Pandi curry – they are delicious. A host of restaurants serve this dish in their traditional menu. One can find experimented flavored Kadambutt with a host of restaurants which specialize in vegan cooking!

The Coorg Food

  • Pandi Curry (Pork Stew)

Coorg style pork curry – is famous for its dark color and oozing flavors. It is one of the best rustic vegetarian culinary experiences to have in Coorg. The pandi curry is made with a lot of spices, veggies, and the Coorg special kodampuli. Kodampuli is Madikeri’s famous black vinegar which is dark in color and gives pandi curry its beautiful taste. Soft and delicate flavor of pork makes it an absolute delight. Largely consumed by locals, it is also available with best restaurants of the town. The texture and cooking process of this curry will make you book airline tickets to Coorg yet again!

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  • Noolputt (Rice Noodles)

Coorg is home to rice cultivation. Naturally, a lot of dishes here have been made out of rice. One of the other staple food items to try is noolputt or noolputtu. Made of fermented rice, the nool puttu is a kind of rice noodles. Paired well with traditional curries – this one wins the heart of travelers. The noodles made of fermented rice flour are then flavored in several ways to treat the taste buds. But this one is best consumed in its rawest taste form. They are also served with Thambutt powder which is exclusive to Coorg. Just order with a little of Pandi curry and you are sorted.

  • Thambutt (Banana & roasted rice flour sweet)

This is a sweet dish from the Coorg region, also called as Thambittu. Oozing with flavors of cardamom, coconut, and banana – this sweet dish is a complete delight. Especially served in festivals and special occasions, Thambittu is an authentic dish. Delicate use of flavor and melt in the mouth experience makes it popular. Served in the form of mini cakes that are crafted to perfection – thambittu remains Coorg’s pride. There are several ingredients like thambutt powder that is only found in Coorg. Therefore, if you are in for a sweet experience – do give this sweet dish a try!

Coorg destination is home to relaxation, vegetarian culinary experience, and an authentic living style. With cheap tickets, flight reservations can be made for best travel deals. These Coorg cuisine experiences are part of many travel packages provided by the travel booking websites or kids app for traveling. Just update Coorg as the best hill station on the travel map and get going with the best rustic vegetarian culinary experience!

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