Blood Test before Marriage: Awareness | Why do you need to blood Test

Blood Test before MarriageMarriage is an essential element of human life. Someone might have married their own choice, or with the consent of the guardian. Before and after marriage a couple has to be done long-term plans for health, financial and other. You have to be healthy to deal with these issues. To avoid any unwanted problems, it is necessary to do a blood test before marriage agreeing with the two parties. Thinking about the future it is a very intelligent task to check Bridegroom-Bride’s blood. Blood Test before Marriage.

Why need to a blood test before marriage?


If the Bridegroom-Bride is thalassemia affected, their child may also be infected with this disease. Take a blood test to see the Bridegroom-Bride is the carrier of thalassemia. Thalassemia is a hereditary disease.


Hepatitis-B is a fatal infectious disease. If there is a virus in the body of the Bridegroom or Bride, and then there is a fear of another being infected. Along with that, the disease can also be infected in an unborn child. This is one of the killer disorders. So before the marriage, be sure to check the blood, whether or not the Bridegroom-Bride are affected by the hepatitis B.

Sexually transmitted diseases

This is a very important reason for the blood test before marriage. After a blood test, it can be known no one is carrying the syphilis germs or not. It is known whether there is a sexually transmitted disease in the VDRL examination. Children of syphilis affected parents may be disfigured. Apart from blood tests, AIDS germs will be detected.

Blood Group

Firstly, learn about blood groups. Mainly blood grouping is divided into two parts. One is the ABO method (A, B, AB, and O); the other is the Rh factor (RH Positives and RH Negative). The Rhesus factor determines that the blood group will not be negative positive.

Blood groups are A positive, A negative, B positive, B negative, AB positive, AB negative, and positive and negative.

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Blood taking awareness

When a negative group’s blood is given to positive group blood, it is not usually the first time. However, this creates an antibody in the patient’s body against it. As a result, if the patient again takes the blood of the positive group, his blood cells begin to break. That is why due to ague, fever and kidney failure, all serious physical problems can arise. Even death can happen. This problem is called ABO incompatibility.

The husband and wife’s blood group

If the husband’s blood group is positive then the wife should be positive. And if the husband’s blood group is negative then the wife is positive or negative only. But if the husband’s group is positive, then the wife’s blood should not be negatively affected. In this case, if the group’s group is negative, then many problems can be avoided if her husband’s blood group is negative.

Husband’s blood group = wife’s blood group = child’s position

Positive (+)                Positive (+)                      Healthy child

Negative (-)               Negative (-)                      Healthy child

Negative (-)               Positive (+)                      Healthy child

Positive (+)               Negative (-)           First child is healthy, a problem from the second.

What is the husband’s blood group positive and if the wife is negative?

There is no problem when the blood group matches the husband and wife. But if the wife is negative and if the husband is positive, then a gene is produced that called “Lethal gene” which subsequently prevents the creation of the zygote or killing the zygote. In that case, the dead baby may be born. The child may be born blind besides when a negative group of mother holds positive blooded embryos; usually, there will be no problem with the first child. But during the delivery, the positive blooded embryo will enter the mother’s body by breaking the placenta. The blood that will enter the mother’s body also produces RH antibodies in the mother’s body within a few months of delivery. When the mother carries her second child, if her embryo’s blood group is positive again, then the antibody that was created in her mother’s body will penetrate the placenta and enter the baby’s body. And when it enters the embryo, the cell of the red blood cell of the embryo will be broken. This problem is called RH Incompatibility.

If you are married and you don’t know about it then go to a doctor and check it as soon as possible.

If there is no operation before, many problems can be avoided. Just be aware. If the husband’s blood group is positive, then the baby’s blood group should be examined immediately after birth. If negative is like a mother, but there is no need to do anything. And if positive, the anti-d-injection should be taken within 72 hours of delivery. Find out more and consult a specialist doctor before having a baby, and also when you are going to do a blood test before marriage. Be happy!

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