Blood in Urine (hematuria) Treatment, Test

Blood in Urine (hematuria) Treatment, TestMany people are concerned about seeing the color of urine, but blood in urine, which is hematuria, is not always awful. It may appear as a result of excessive work or by taken some drugs (like aspirin). Resting or discontinuing medicine will stop the bleeding without treatment. But in particular, the problem can be related to a difficult problem. Kidneys, Ureters, bladder, urethra and the men’s prostate gland all belong to this urinary system.

The amount of urine in the urine is very small; it is not seen in the normal eye. If the amount is higher, then the color of the urine can be pink, red or the color of the tea or cola. Generally, there is no need to have too much blood in urine color changes. Rice spoon can add blood to half a liter of urine.

It is not unusual to have very little blood in urine. About one million red blood cells are found daily in a healthy human’s urine. There may be several reasons for the abundance of blood appearing in urine.

Cause of Blood in Urine

Bladder Infection

This happens when bacteria enter the bladder through the urinary tract and reproduce. This causes urination repeatedly, irritation or pain during peeing. Smells also appear in urine. This infection usually does not cause urinary bleeding, but in some cases, it may appear.

Kidney infection

Its symptoms are like bladder infections, but fever and back pain can appear.

Bladder or bladder stone

There is no pain when these stones are formed. Pain occurs when it creates a block somewhere in the urinary tract or tries to escape. Eating stone or kidney stone can cause severe pain and may cause severe bleeding.

Prostate growth in men (especially in fifty-one people) is blocked by the urinary tract and there is a possibility of bleeding. If the prostate is big, it is difficult to urinate and urge to urinate repeatedly. Apart from Prostatitis, urine may also cause blood.


Urine blood occurs in some cases of kidney, bladder or prostate cancer. It usually occurs when the cancer is reached. Unfortunately, many cases of cancer are not seen in the early stages of cancer (when they can be cured).

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Blood may also occur due to the reaction of some special medicines. These medicines include penicillin, aspirin, heparin, cancer chemotherapy, Cyclophosphamide (Cytoxan), etc.

Hip injury

If there is an ache or kidney injury for some reason, urine may be released.

Excessive exercise or exercise can cause blood to urine.

Although it is not very dangerous to get rid of urine in most cases, it is important to contact the doctors if it is very important. However, if there is any other reason for urine red, such as eating bits, berries, national vegetables or fruits or taking a special laxative, you may not be worried.

Test for Blood in Urine

Generally, doctors decide whether to check the physical exams and the patient’s health-related inquiries. Urine and blood tests are always done, to see if there is any infection. Just once the bleeding is less likely to be serious. But doctors can be sure to do two tests:

Cystoscopy: In this, the doctor has inserted a small camera into the urethra and examines the inside of the bladder and urine to see if there is any abnormality.

It is seen with the help of ultrasound, computed tomography (CT scan), MRI, etc., to reflect reflection or images of different parts of the urinary system.

In fact, the source of blood may not be known at all. So doctors can give advice on regular testing.

Hematuria Treatment:

Whether it is being treated or not depends on whether the source of blood is determined.

If urinary has an infection, doctors will give antibiotics. If the stomach accumulates in the stomach, it is possible to drink water so that it can be exposed to urine. Do not use it with the help of Arsenal surgery, or using other modern methods to break the stone and bring it to the urine.

Prostate growing up: Prostate can be compressed using medicines many times. If the drug does not work, then the laser or other surgical procedure is to be used.

Kidney Disease: The need for treatment for this. Prevent infection to prevent the destruction of adrenaline.

Cancer: In the case of bladder and kidney disease, cancer cells with the help of surgery are to be omitted, because it is not easy to destroy cells by radiation or chemotherapy. Sometimes there may be no other way than to eliminate the whole bladder. Radiation is very effective in many cases for the prostate.

In order to reduce urinary problems in general, it is necessary to drink plenty of water, stop smoking, eat as much as possible from the polluted area, and eat vegetables and fruits.

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