Best Methods and effective treatment of gout

Best Methods and effective treatment of gout

Not only the elderly, but also middle-aged people, and sometimes even young people, have recently suffered from joint diseases. Such diseases significantly affect the way of life and general well-being, because they are the cause of pain, stiffness, discomfort.

One of the many common diseases of the joints is gout. Is it possible to cope with this disease? Let’s figure it out.

Features Of Gout Treatment

Gout, or gouty arthritis, is a disease of the joints caused by the deposition of uric acid salts in them. A painful condition can occur in the joints of the elbows, knees, feet, hands, fingers. The most common form of gout is toe disease.

The presence of uric acid and its salts in the body is considered standard: substances are metabolic products. In healthy people, these compounds are excreted by the kidneys.

With an excess, they begin to be deposited in the joints. As a result, inflammation and pain occur. The pain starts suddenly.

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The joint becomes inflamed. It becomes hot to the touch. The affected area becomes red. Exacerbations of the disease usually occur after heavy drinking and overeating. For a while, the condition does not make itself felt. Then attacks begin again.

Uric acid is a cleavage product of purines – particular substances that are self-produced in the body and also come from food.

A large amount of purines is found in fatty meats and fish, meat by-products, in alcohol (especially in beer and grape wine), non-natural juices, sugary carbonated drinks, coffee.

In the case of a sumptuous feast or excessive enthusiasm for the products listed above, an enormous amount of uric acid is produced in the body, and the kidneys do not cope with its excretion.

It Is Interesting

Since the Middle Ages, gout was considered the “disease of kings,” since it was the holy people who had the opportunity to indulge themselves with hearty meals regularly. So subsequently, they paid for their greed with sore joints.

Gout is most commonly diagnosed in men aged 40–50 years. About women, they are faced with the disease in menopause and later. It is thought that this is due to the effect of estrogen on the excretion (excretion) of uric acid.

In the younger generation, the appearance of gout is explained by a violation of the synthesis of uric acid in the body. The preference of young people for alcoholic beverages, in particular, for beer, also plays a negative role.

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Gout must be treated. Otherwise, the attacks become more frequent. The pain becomes more intense other joints are affected, pathological processes in the kidneys and urinary tract begin.

Sadly, it is impossible to get rid of gout completely. However, there are some comprehensive measures to significantly improve the condition of the patient and avoid acute attacks.

Principles And Treatment Regimens For Gout

First of all, it should note that the methods of treating an acute attack of gout and disease in the remission stage differ.

In the period of exacerbation spend anti-inflammatory therapy. Drugs can be administered orally, intramuscularly or intra-articular – the doctor decides this.

Selection of medications and their dosage set in each case individually. Most often in the period of exacerbation, the patient needs hospitalization.

If gouty arthritis has just been diagnosed or the patient is in remission, treatment is mainly aimed at preventing recurrence of the exacerbation, at eliminating the associated symptoms: obesity, elevated blood lipids, low blood sugar, hypertension, atherosclerosis.

The treatment also includes the prevention of the formation of uric acid kidney stones. Therapy can be carried out under the supervision of a rheumatologist or nephrologist at home, in the hospital or a specialized sanatorium.

The effectiveness of the measures depends on their correct combination: the best result can be achieved by intelligently combining pharmacological means, physical therapy, proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, that is, the most successful will be a comprehensive treatment of gout.

Diet As A Method Of Effective Treatment Of Gout

To boost the condition of the patient suffering from gout, it is essential to transfer it to the appropriate diet immediately.

To do this, first of all, you need to limit the use of patients with products containing purines. In this list are offal fatty meat, and fish, rich broths, legumes, mushrooms, spinach.

For a patient with gout, meat should be boiled for a long time – then the dangerous substances, purines, will remain in the broth.

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In general, protein intake should be limited, as they contribute to the formation of uric acid. Also, you need to minimize the amount of fatty and spicy foods, as well as eliminate strong tea, coffee, and alcohol from the diet.

Fluid intake is recommended to increase to 2.5-3 liters, as this contributes to the removal of salts from the body. Emphasis should be placed on clean drinking water. Reception of salt should be limited to 6-8 grams per day.

Be sure to eat fruits, berries, vegetables daily. Also, patients with gout are shown porridges, cottage cheese, sour cream, yogurt, vegetable and sometimes milk soups, flour, but not rich products. Boiled meat and fish should be eaten 2-3 times a week.

The type of food recommended for patients suffering from gout, nutritionists call.


The probability of getting out is quite high among those who abuse alcohol, fatty foods, lead a sedentary lifestyle, and neglects a healthy diet.

Also at risk are those who are heavy weight and high blood pressure, as well as those who have relatives in the family who suffer from gout.

Preventive measures are simple: proper nutrition, exercise, fresh air, alcohol rejection, weight control. Observing them can avoid many problems.

Thus, to date, developed many methods of dealing with gout. Correctly chosen therapy can bring high results. However, only a specialist can appoint it.

OPINION EDITION: The tradition to travel to a sanatorium has developed in our country during the Soviet years. At one time she was buried in oblivion, but today it is encouraging to observe the revival of this form of treatment and rest because staying in such an institution dramatically improves the condition of patients. Continuous complex treatment in an ecologically clean place always brings tangible benefits.

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