Beautiful and Off the Beat Engagement Rings

The biggest challenge when purchasing an engagement ring is its price. Most of the bridal rings that have diamonds on them are ridiculously expensive. If the cost is your problem, there are off the beat yet stunning engagement rings.

offbeat engagement rings

Here are some of the offbeat examples that you can wear as your engagement ring:

Wood nymph vibe

If you want to channel this vibe on your finger, make sure that you get an off the beat ring with rose cut sapphire as its main stone. Sapphires may come in different colors so you need to choose the one that represents yourself. You can customize its band by choosing yellow gold, white gold, silver or even a ribbed texture metal. Wearing it will you look like an exquisite beauty in the woods.

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Petite diamond

A petite diamond ring does not necessarily need to be a diamond. In most cases, this ring is made of emerald-cut gemstone. Other cheaper options are Herkimer crystals and Tibetan quartz crystal that look like a petite diamond from afar. The crystals have amazing brilliance, especially when well ornamented on the main setting and the band.

Blue sapphire

Are you having a penchant with deep blue ocean colors? If yes, then try to feature a blue sapphire on ring’s setting. To make it more unique, you can pattern the band from a claw style. Blue sapphire is perfect when contrasted against the yellow gold metal band.

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Ditch the traditional way of wearing your ring by choosing off the beat and non-diamond engagement rings. There are thousands of reasons to choose these rings, and one of the leading reasons is its price. Once you are done with your proposal you can now start planning your wedding.

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