15 Ways to Be a Natural Beauty | Enhance your beauty without makeup

be a natural beauty without makeupBe a natural beauty

To be a natural beauty you don’t require harmful chemicals or huge amounts of time to get sparkling, healthy hair and smoother skin. Simply take these gentle, go back to basics moves to begin looking awesome.


  • For a brilliant appearance cut a couple of grapes in half and rub those cut sides over your clean skin. The acid of fruits is organic exfoliators, clarifies Regine Berthelot, the head beautician of the Caudalie Vinotherapie Spa in New York City.
  • Wake up weary, swollen eyes with a cold eye cream (chilled in the refrigerator). You should apply it from the outer corners to toward your nose. This helps flowing out excess liquid in the region, told Anent King, Director General of global education.
  • Zap flaws with two fixings homeopaths have utilized for a considerable length of time: mitigating arnica and antifungal- antibacterial tea tree oil. Search them on Amazon Nelsons Pure and Clear Acne Treatment Gel ($13, 1oz).

Moisturizers and face masks

  • Stay protected from sun’s harmful UV radiation. Before applying sunscreen apply a moisturizer with the black tea extract. A study shows that those ingredients help minimize the effect of UV ray’s on your skin and can prevent sunburn. You get many range of price on Amazon, but don’t go for cheap one. Use organic products.
  • Apply the facial mask in the shower to make it more effective. At the shower, a skin cell is wet, so then it’s easy for the ingredients penetration. Apply facial mask on your face and keep it half of your shower, then wash before getting out.

Bronzed and beautiful

  • Get a self-tanner. Take a mix on your palm of a nip of loose mineral bronzer and one teaspoon natural sunscreen, and then apply it on your face for instant glow with a protection. Search on amazon.com “Bare Minerals” and “sunscreen”. They can give you a package of those two.

If you want to increase the strength of your neck, Jaw, and throat, recommended from yoga expert and instructor that doing kiss the Ceiling steps every day:

  1. Slowly tilt your head back
  2. Pucker up and try to kiss the ceiling
  3. Repeat 4 times

Hair helpers

  • Regularly treat your dry hair to a hydrating cover with all-organic olive oil. Use paraben-free and silicone-free oil. Recommended is L’oreal Serie Nature Masque Aux Huiles (6.7 oz) price $10 on amazon.com.
  • Avoid sulfates containing shampoos to save your hair color. Alec Batis is a cosmetic chemist and according to him sulfate is a form of detergent, it can cause fade hair color and can make it brassy. How should you care your hair? Read our article about Hair Care.

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Iron-free curls

  • Use “Tresemme natural orange lightweight mousse” to make your curls soft and touchable by taking a palm. Mara Roszakis an L.A. based celebrity stylist suggest that without touching them tendril air-dry for a frizz-free hair.
  • Stylist John Masters give a trick to create tousled waves:

A spray bottle fills with one tablespoon sea salt and dissolves it with 8 ounces warm water then add ten drops of natural lavender oil and mix it well then spray on wet hair and let it dry by air. This tip helps you to be a natural beauty.

Strong and sleek

  • Add some shine by applying some drops of argan oil hair serum bye Josie Maran on your damp hair. The organic argan oil makes hair glossy and frizz-free too and most importantly it content on alcohol.
  • Before using hot styling tools apply a rich hair protective styling cream to save your colored hair from breakage. Soft Sheen-Carson Roots Strengthening Oil Moisturizer contains shea butter and green tea. You can get it on Amazon for the 8.5oz price $10.

No more frizz

  • Get frizz-free hair and say no to alcohol with moisturizing stylers as like Aveeno Nourish Gel Crème price $15 at soap.com. According to stylist Dickey (founder of Hair Rules) “Good hydrates hair don’t take extra moisture from the air so that it doesn’t frizz.”
  • Use mayo mask to strengthen hair, stylist Sean James says “cholesterol of mayo mask plumps the cuticle.” Comb your wet hair with half cup mayo and wait for 15 minutes, and then wash hair with cool water; you can do shampoo also.

Use those to enhance your natural beauty and be a natural beauty.


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