What Does An Adult Circumcision Doctor Do?

Adult Circumcision Doctor

As you may already know, the male circumcision surgical procedure involves the snipping of the foreskin of the penis. The “foreskin” refers to a skin fold that protects and covers the penis’s rounded tip. This skin provides the lubrication and sensation for the penis, but over time, when boys grow into men, it becomes prone to severe health problems that eventually call for the need to seek the help of an adult circumcision doctor. Circumcision is the technique specialist’s use for the removal of this excess, loose skin. When you consult experts, you should also ask them for some before and after circumcision pictures.

Across the United States, statistical records reveal that circumcision proceeds soon after the time of birth of male children, where the number of boys in a day can go from anything 60-100, and 40-100 may not go through the snip.

Based on worldwide results, the rate of circumcision is lower but depends on some religious and cultural reasons, which increases the number of boys going through the surgery. A footnote to consider is that circumcision comes with risks and some benefits, with the decision depending on parents (for infants), and personal preference in men.

In most cases, the adult circumcision surgery is a choice for men and older boys because they wish to seek treatment from problems with the penis foreskin like paraphimosis and phimosis, or problems like balanitis, where the tip of the penis swells up.

Circumcision Pros and Cons

Circumcision Pros and Cons

As mentioned above, the reasons to go through circumcision often depend on health-related reasons. Most of these help men to make a better decision and understand the possible risks and benefits. Despite rumors, one thing to know as a man is that when you go through the circumcision at a good, reputable clinic, such as Circumcision Center, it has no actual effect on the fertility on men, Studies show there are some mixed results when it comes to intimate pleasure. Some find no difference as such, whereas others say there’s increased sensitivity.

However, just to have more information, here are some of the common pros and cons you need to know regarding this procedure.

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Circumcision Pros

  • Reduces the risks of UTI’s (Urinary Tract Infections) in men
  • The risks of STDs transmitting to females or vice versa reduces (HIV transmission rate is lower)
  • Decreases the chances of penile cancer (rare)
  • In female partners, reduces the risks of cervical cancers and infections
  • Prevents phimosis, paraphimosis, balanitis, and balanoposthitis
  • Promotes good genital hygiene

Circumcision Cons

  • There are a few immediate health benefits
  • Some men and their female partners consider it to be a disfigurement
  • Could lead to pain, but medication helps to reduce the pain
  • Could lead to rare complications, including the risk of surgeons cutting it too short or long, bleeding, slow healing, or infections

Adult Circumcision Doctor

Preparing for the Surgery

When you decide to go under the knife, a urologist is the ideal professional to perform the surgery and a good choice. In children, however, pediatricians and urologists perform the neonatal circumcision. For your procedure, you will need to consult an experienced and trained urologist. This ensures that the risk of you encountering infections or any complications reduces.

For the preparatory phase, your surgeon will inject your penis with an anesthesia, to ensure the pain remains under control.  Before the surgery, your surgeons will also ask you to show your previous medical history, whether you take any medicines right now, and if you have any bad habits.

What Does the Circumcision Doctor Do

What Does the Circumcision Doctor Do?

When it comes to circumcision in men, although there could be other ways to approach it, a common technique that experts use is the sleeve resection method. During a circumcision procedure using this technique, the circumcision doctor will make small incisions using a scalpel in the foreskin surfaces (both inner and outer). This makes it easier to remove the excess foreskin in the form of a ring tissue. At this stage, an experienced doctor will also be able to perform frenulectomy or frenulum removal (especially if the patient desired it to be so.

Bleeding at this stage is inevitable, and using electrocautery surgeons stop it instantly. Using suture closure, they seal the incisions. These sutures are often absorbable and fine. The needle they will utilize is a cosmetic surgical one, so the chances of you feeling any pain will become less. They will use paper closure and additional tapes to help reduce any form of tension on the surgical sutures. In the end, they will use sterile compressions to aid rapid healing. This step should also help to minimize the chances of tunnels and suture marks.

The adult circumcision surgery is a safe procedure that brings along several benefits. You just have to make sure that you consult the right expert, and be sure of what they can do to ensure the best results.

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