Activated charcoal capsules – the health supplement with myriad benefits

Activated charcoal capsules

Keeping a healthy mind and body in today’s super hectic lifestyle seems to be a difficult job. Foods that we eat are not able to cater to the nutritional requirements in the body and hence deficiencies are seen. In order to support the lack, it is important that food supplements are taken. Infact, various kinds of such supplements are readily available in the market as well. Among these, activated charcoal capsules need special mention. You can buy activated charcoal capsule private label or from any renowned pharmaceutical company.

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What is activated charcoal powder?

Activated charcoal is a black powder, which is made from coconut shells, bone char, coal, petroleum coke, olive pits, peat or sawdust. The ingredients are burnt and then the charcoal is ‘activated’ by processing the same at extremely high temperatures. The internal structure of the product is altered in the high temperatures. The size of the pores is decreased and the surface area gets increased manifold times after ‘activation’. Activated charcoal becomes more porous than regular, normal charcoal. Many people make the mistake of confusing activated charcoal to charcoal briquettes – they are not the same. Though the base materials are the same in both, but the briquettes are not processed or activated at high temperatures. There are many toxic substances in the briquettes, which are harmful for humans.

Because of its extensive porous surface, activate charcoal traps chemicals and toxins which are harmful for the body and helps in detoxifying the system. As a result, the harmful substances are not absorbed by the body and eliminated.

Benefits of activated charcoal capsules

Activated charcoal is available in many forms – activated charcoal capsules being the most common variety. The benefits of the supplement are such that many people purchase activated charcoal capsule in bulk from suppliers. Some of the benefits include:

  • Helps people suffering from intestinal gas and bloating issues – It has been seen that activated charcoal capsules help in providing relief from intestinal gas and bloating. Gases and liquids trapped in the intestine pass through the tiny pores of activated charcoal and neutralizes them. People who took such capsules on regular basis opined that the symptoms of bloating and gas were relieved to quite an extent.
  • Good oral health and teeth whitening – Activated charcoal is turning out to be one of the important ingredients when it comes to products related to oral health. Many toothpastes now contain activated charcoal. This ingredient has antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and detoxifying properties. Toxins in the mouth can be absorbed successfully with this ingredient. It also removes plaque, yellowness and stains from teeth and removes bad odor as well.

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  • Excellent for skin care – You might have seen in various advertisements that activated charcoal powder is used in different skincare products. They are used in face washes, face masks, creams etc. With increasing pollution, dust, dirt, toxins, chemicals, bacteria and other harmful agents stick to the skin and lead to various problems. Some of these issues include dull skin, sagging skin and appearance of signs of aging and so on. Using products containing activated charcoal helps in pulling out the toxins and harmful components and imparts good health to the skin. The skin looks fresh and young.
  • Used in water filtration – Activated charcoal has been used since a long time as a natural water filter. Water might contain various kinds of impurities and toxins and microbes. To clean water, activated carbon is used in the filtration process. Carbon cartridges are used in water filters for cleaning water and make it free from impurities and toxins. Various kinds of abdominal problems which are caused from consumption of impure and contaminated water can be prevented with use carbon filters.

Purchasing activated charcoal capsules and products

Now that you know the innumerable benefits of activated charcoal capsules, you have to decide as where to buy activated charcoal capsule. There are many sources from where you can purchase the capsules. They are available both online as well as in general stores offline. Just ensure that the products are purchased from authentic sources.

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