8 Friendly Ways to Choose the Most Amazing Makeup Artist for your Wedding Day

Wedding is such a magnificent and special event for a couple especially for the bride. It is considered as one of the loveliest memories in a lifetime. If you’re a future bride, you’re looking forward to make everything perfect for the “big” day. It can be quite exhausting but you feel fulfilled.

As a bride, you want every detail to be organized and well-attended. From the rings to invitation to food – everything should be in place. But have you thought about your makeup?

It’s so easy to think that you will do your own makeup, but do you think you can really pull it off despite your excitement and nervousness for the big day? This is where you need the professional help of a makeup artist.

If you want to look extra beautiful and gorgeous on your wedding day, makeup artist will do the magic. They know which color will suit your face and will definitely bring out your best features. Makeup artists guarantee will handle your gorgeousness all throughout your big day.

So how do you find the makeup artist for your wedding day? Find out below:

  • Ensure thorough research

If you’re wondering where to start when looking for a makeup artist, you can ask your family and friends. Ask them about their trusted makeup artist and would they recommend them to you for your special day. Ask if this certain makeup artist is reliable and easy to work with.

Another suggestion is to use the power of Google. A quick Google search will give you thousands of results within your area. Take your time to find them, read their websites, check the reviews, and more. Research is the first thing you should do before everything else in this list. It pays to have patience doing research and creating a shortlist.

  • Go for a trial run

Before you hire the makeup artist you’re interested to work with in your big day, make sure to do a trial run. This is the best chance to meet the makeup artist and share all your ideas and come up with a big and feasible plan.

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When meeting these professional makeup artists, ensure that you tell them your comfort level in terms of makeup and how much you wear on daily basis. Also, trail run involves putting makeup in various lighting concentrating and taking pictures. In this way, you will know which one will suit you best.

  • Read reviews

Gadgets and hotels are not the only things that have reviews online – professional makeup artists too. Reading reviews matter, helping you with your decision making and choosing the right one. These reviews are from the experiences of previous clients and you will be able to know if they had a great time working with a particular makeup artist. You can participate and read comments on different bridal forums to know more about bridal makeup industry.

After searching and reading, you can make a shortlist of few makeup artists that caught your attentions. You can send an inquiry for a start and tell them how you discovered them. From there, you can start pre-selection.

  • Know the style you want and stick with it

Before everything else, you should determine what kind of look you want to achieve on your wedding day and the style that will really suit you and your overall look. You don’t want to be a stranger in your own wedding just because your makeup doesn’t suit you or look you different.

You can tell to the makeup artist what look you want to achieve – it can be soft or nude look. You can also specify what you want on each part of your face like smoky eyes or full lips. The key here is clear communication with the makeup artist. If the makeup artist you’re looking for has social media like Instagram, you can check samples for reference.

  • Check out their professional experience

Don’t hesitate to ask for proof that they are indeed professionals and undergone training. You can also ask for their portfolio as a proof of their years of experience. Professional makeup artists who have done so many experiences will know how to handle face shapes, skin types, and eye shapes. They have experienced failures, and thus they are aware on how to fix them. An experienced makeup artist can work smoothly and with ease for you, your friends, and family.

  • Evaluate the makeup products used

Aside from professional training of the makeup artist, it’s important to know and assess the products they’re using especially for a big day like wedding. He/she should be using professional products. They know the good ingredients and the essential of using high-quality makeup products such as eyeliner, blush, foundation, lipstick, mascara, and more. Don’t be afraid to ask them about their education as well as their knowledge because you’re investing to them.

  • Choose the “one”

Pick the makeup artist that you can click with and work with smoothly. Your perfect match makeup artist will make your wedding a relaxing pampering experience. This makeup artist gets you, making you feel at ease all the time. Aside from making a beautiful magic on your face for your wedding day, your makeup artist will make sure that everything is stress-free when achieving your makeup goal. He/she will provide service for you, your family, and friends. The makeup artist will make everyone feel beautiful and extra special.

  • Book them right away

Makeup artists are really in demand nowadays since there are so many weddings and events that their professional service. If you have found the one, book them right away. However, you should be able to tell them about what you want and the two of you are on the same page. Expect that a good makeup artist usually has packed schedule, so better book them right away after everything has been agreed on.

Don’t twice now. Look for that amazing makeup artist that will make you absolutely gorgeous in your wedding day!

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