5 Amazing Benefits Of Magnesium | Symptoms And Foods

Benefits Of Magnesium

We all know that there are some minerals that are essential for our health. That means it is essential to run our body function properly. Some minerals are really played a vital role. Minerals are involved with enzymes. Those enzymes are playing some crucial roles inside our body. Now here is magnesium. We all know the name of magnesium. But maybe you don’t know that magnesium is one of the most important and power its components. It is actually one of the essential minerals of our body. Now in this article, we will discuss some benefits of magnesium.

Magnesium Deficiency Symptoms

You can get magnesium directly from food. but some people face magnesium deficiency. Those magnesium deficiencies can be spotted by some symptoms. They can be both outer and inner symptoms.

Here are some Symptoms that can point to the magnesium deficiency. That include –

Mental Disorder

There are some studies that proved magnesium deficiency can increase the risk of depression. And at the same time, it can be a major cause of promoting anxiety. Which may lead to Mental Disorder.

Muscle Weakness Or Fatigue

It is one of the most known symptoms of magnesium deficiencies. But scientists run many tests to find out the real secret. Now they telling people that muscle weakness happens due to losses of potassium in muscle cells. Which is associated with Magnesium deficiency


Osteoporosis is a disease, that most old people get affected by this disease. It weakens the bones. Which increase the risk of bone fracture.

Those risk can be influenced by the numerous factor that includes lack of essential vitamins and mineral. Such as Vitamin D and vitamin K.

Lack of magnesium can reduce the level of calcium which can be very risky for any person. Because that’s mean weak bone. And increase the risk of bone fracture.

Muscle Twitches

Muscle Twitches or cramp can happen if a person faces with magnesium deficiencies. Many scientists believe that it happens due to the flow of calcium into nerve cells.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is also a major symptom. Studies found out that magnesium controls the lower pressure. But when there is a lack of magnesium it can increase blood pressure.

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The irregular heartbeat can point many things. Many renowned scientist and cardiologists believe that imbalance of potassium levels can be a major cause of it. Which is associated with magnesium?


Some people can be affected by asthma due to lack of magnesium deficiency.

Benefits of Magnesium

There are plenty of benefits of magnesium. But for now, we will discuss only a few of them.

Fights Depression

This mineral plays a big role in brain function. Low-level magnesium intake can lead to depression.

According to studies, it is proven that a low level of magnesium intake can increase the risk of depression by 22%.

Lower intake can be a great cause of mental disorder and many other problems.

Lower Blood Pressure

Many great scientists found out that it helps to lower the blood pressure.
A study found out that those people who took 450 mg magnesium per day get a decrease in systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

However, it only happens who already have high pressure. Benefits of magnesium.

Anti Inflammatory

Many studies proved that it helps to fight against chronic inflammation.
It works for both young and old people. That means the regular intake of magnesium can reduce chronic inflammation.

Fight Migraines

Long-term studies and experiment found out that intake of the magnesium more helpful top stops acute Migraines pain. Benefits of magnesium.

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Improve PMS Symptoms

PMS is also known as the Premenstrual syndrome. It is a common syndrome among women of childbearing age. Magnesium helps to improve PMS Symptoms. Benefits of magnesium

But at the same time, there were some special changes happened. A scientist has seen many amazing things that including improvement of mood, helping to reduce water retention and many other.

Many doctors tried many different times to use a different medication. But magnesium showed an amazing result during that time. Lots of scientists and doctors agreed that magnesium was actually helping people who face the problem with acute migraine pain.

How to get Magnesium and what are the magnesium foods?

Magnesium can be consumed by both foods and tablet. If you think you cannot maintain diet as much as other health-conscious people then you must take magnesium by capsule or another way. you can find lots of them in the market. Carolyn Dean Remag is one of then known magnesium supplement that can be found on the internet. But there is some food that also contains a good amount of magnesium. That include – Benefits of magnesium

  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Spinach
  • Figs
  • Banana
  • Raspberries
  • Kale
  • Salmon
  • Chlorella powder
  • Baked beans
  • Raw cacao
  • Tofu
  • Whole grains

RDA of Magnesium

RDA is also known as Recommended Daily Allowance. There are many levels and amount of different age.

0 – 6 month > 30 mg
7 -12 month >75 mg
1 -o 3 years > 80 mg
4-8 years >130 mg
9- 13 years > 240 mg
14-18 years > 410mg
19-30years > 400 mg
31- 50 years > 420 mg
51 + years >420 mg


0 – 6 month > 30 mg
7 -12 month >75 mg
1 -o 3 years > 80 mg
4-8 years >130 mg
9- 13 years > 240 mg
14-18 years > 360 mg
19-30years > 310 mg
31- 50 years > 320 mg
51 + years >320 mg

But in the case of female pregnancy and Lactation, there is a huge change – Benefits of magnesium

Here is the change of magnesium intake during pregnancy.
14-18 years > 450 mg
19-30years > 350 mg
31- 50 years > 360 mg

And here is the change during lactation –
14-18 years > 360 mg
19-30years > 310 mg
31- 50 years > 320 mg

That means the intake can be different due to age, pregnancy, and lactation.

Everything has some good and bad side. It means everything. Like minerals are good.they are essential. They help to control many critical body functions. That include functioning enzymes. Those the same enzymes that help our body in many different important phases. It includes breaking the protein, repairing cells etc.

If you feel that you are facing magnesium deficiencies then the first thing you can do is go under a certified doctor. The doctor can help you better than anyone else. Maybe the doctor will run some test to make sure what is really happening inside your body. Because the same symptoms can lead to much other health issues.

I hope that “Benefits of magnesium” article is helpful for you. Don’t forget to comment your opinion about it.

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