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Health benefit of honeyFamous Muslim physician Ibn Sina recommends using honey as an antidote for many of his famous medical tests book the canon of medicine. He said about the health benefit of honey, honey makes you happy, helps the nutrition, relieves the cold, increases hunger, increases memory, and cleanses the tongue, protects the tongue and protects youth.

Health Benefit of Honey

    1. Honey contains antioxidants, flavonoids. Those elements help reduce the risk of some cancers.
    2. It is useful to cure diseases like a cough, cough, fever, swelling, heart disease, chronic diseases and cure of stomach.
    3. Heart disease and heart disease from the common diseases of the skin, digestion, cholesterol and other diseases such as honey is really an enzyme.
    4. There is potassium which works against bacteria and protects the skin from many skin problems. Honey increases the beauty of the skin while playing regularly.
    5. Contains vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, iodine, zinc and copper, including antibacterial and antimicrobial material that protects internal organs not only for the body but also for external aspects.
    6. Rich chemistry compounds. This compound works to maintain moisture in the skin and maintains an ulcer on the surface of the skin. Humacanthus compounds also help to make the skin flexible. As a result, the skin has long been an aging mark. Every morning a spoon of honey can be eaten with tea or milk.
    7. It just keeps the ability of the brain to function. One cup of hot milk can be mixed with a teaspoon of honey. It would be better to sleep at night. It is beneficial for health.
    8. Only increases the prevention of diseases in the human body. Honey works well with cold or a cold cough.
    9. Honey is highly resistant to the virus.
    10. It helps digestion. Honey is particularly beneficial for people with stomach disorders.
    11. Honey can be used on any type of skin. The use of honey increases the beauty of the skin. The skin becomes soft, soft and soft.
    12. Help reduce the weight of calories due to the low-calorie intake. Sweet syrup can be used as a substitute for sugar to be easily preserved from the harmful aspects of sugar. By doing this, a sweet taste will be available on one side and health will also be positive.
    13. If the liver is clean, the toxic components of the body are released and the body fat fades out.
    14. The risk of heart problem with honey mixed with cinnamon powder removes the problems of blood vessels and reduces the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood by 10%. Eat regularly honey and cinnamon, it reduces the risk of a heart attack and those who have already suffered a heart attack their second chance of attack risk is reduced.
    15. Before getting breakfast, eat a glass of light hot water and mix a spoon of honey and a little cinnamon powder regularly before breakfast.

    16. Those who have regular digestion problems, they like to eat honey every morning. Honey helps in the digestion process by reducing the acidity of the stomach. If you want to eat honey to remove the problems of digestion, take a spoon honey every time before heavy food. Especially in every morning, take one spoon honey in empty stomach.
    17. There are some people who always suffer from weakness and take tea coffee after a while to overcome this problem. Those who suffer from this problem eat one spoon honey every morning and stay strong throughout the day.
    18. Antioxidants and anti-fungus components. There is no sweet pair of skin care.
    19. It is an herbal fluid filled with high medicinal properties. Honey is sweeter than sugar and a pure gift given by nature.
    20. Due to the high concentration of sugar, bacteria die in the plasmamosis process. As a result, long honey remains intact. Because of the very small quantity of water in honey, natural air cannot be active in East honey. Only 14% to 18% of humidity is in natural, unprocessed honey. If the humidity level is below 18%, no germ can breed in honey. But his natural medicinal qualities are reduced in the pasteurized honey.
    21. After removing dead cells on the surface of the skin and preventing wrinkles on the face.
    22. Only the body is used to treat wounds, burns and cut areas. Honey contains antibacterial elements that prevent bacterial growth in wounds, burns, and cuts. If you have cut it, put a thin plating of honey in the wound. The pain will be reduced and it will soon be cured. Honey has antimicrobial components which help to clear wounds and reduce pain, scent, pus, and cure faster wounds.
    23. An ingredient in antioxidants that helps in fixing the affected skin due to fungi and other causes and plays a role in the formation of new skin. If you have diarrhea, add honey to the affected area regularly. Use one spoon of honey and mix it with a little water.
    24. There are natural antioxidants that work against the sun’s ultraviolet light and protect the skin from harm. Much of the work of natural sunscreen is honey. It also plays an important role in normalizing sunburn skin.
    25. Glucose, fructose, and sugar present in the heart work to give strength to the body. Every morning, 1 teaspoon honey helps to remove the fatigue of body muscles and keeps you full of energy.

    Bonus One 🙂

    1. Each day 1 glass of honey mixed with 1 glass of honey and the calcium present in the honey in the blood. And maintain hemoglobin balance in the blood. In this way, honey prevents anemia.

    So overall, honey is an essential food and a medicine.

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    nutration of honey

    Honey nutrition

    Honey is a natural source of simple carbohydrates like glucose. It contains 80% of natural sugar.  So, it can easily provide instant energy. It is enriched with minerals, vitamins, pollen, and protein.

    List of vitamins in –

    • Almost all kind of B vitamin; B1, B2, B3, B5, B6
    • Thiamin,
    • Niacin,
    • Riboflavin,
    • Pantothenic acid
    • Amino acids

    List of minerals –

    • Calcium,
    • Copper,
    • Iron,
    • Magnesium,
    • Manganese,
    • Phosphorus,
    • Potassium,
    • Sodium and
    • Zinc

    Health benefit of honey is that it helps to repair DNA, RNA, and cells.

    Is Honey Vegan?

    I am not going to any kind of detail and I don’t know about vegan life because I’m not a vegan. So, before going to the conclusion watch this video How do bees make honey?

    For this topic, you can go to this 2 article –

    In conclusion, I say honey is not vegan because it produces by bees. Although, the health benefit of honey is many, which helps us to keep us healthy.

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