10 Ways to Control Weight Gain during Pregnancy

Control Weight Gain during Pregnancy

It is the time of your life when you are craving for carbohydrates, more than ever. And interestingly, people encourage you to do conscious eating for two. It can actually be very challenging to stick to the essential guidelines for weight gain in pregnancy. Healthy eating is very important in pregnancy. There is no doubt about it. But if you are following a pregnancy app or a documentary about pregnancy on your TDS Internet, you would be well aware that gaining too much weight during pregnancy is not safe. It can raise your risks for birth complications such as premature birth and higher chances of C-section. Control Weight Gain during Pregnancy.

More than half of the American women are pregnancy obese or overweight. Even for them, it is advisable to stick to the recommended range of weight. This will reduce their chances of health hazards like preeclampsia and gestational diabetes.  To have a healthy pregnancy, follow these tips, as advised by doctors and nutritionists. Good luck!

What to Expect parnancy

  1. What to Expect

It’s good to do a little research about what to expect when you are expecting. You need to have a realistic approach to your pregnancy. You already know that every woman gains weight during pregnancy inevitably. For women who have healthy/normal pre-pregnancy weight, gaining 25 to 35 pounds is very normal. While those who are underweight before pregnancy, they should expect to gain around 40 pounds. And for those who are overweight, the average weight gain will be 20 pounds. Exceptions are always there. Many women with average weight gain between 45 to 60 pounds in pregnancy and they don’t have issues whilst giving birth or shedding off pounds later.

Eating For Two

  1. Eating For Two

You need to understand that there is a human body growing inside you. Yes, it needs all the nourishment and people would encourage you to eat for two. But remember, you are a full grown human being and the baby is just a fraction of the size of a full human. You don’t need to feed him like an adult. Know that while you are pregnant, you need 150 extra calories a day during the first few months. And you need 300 extra calories a day for the rest of your pregnancy. Control Weight Gain during Pregnancy.

Prefer having foods with high fiber content. For instance, whole grains fruits, veggies, legumes and so on. These items help you feel fuller. It will also reduce your craving for high-calorie snacking.

Hacks to Satisfy Cravings dring pragnancy

  1. Hacks to Satisfy Cravings

Whenever you eat during pregnancy, consider it an opportunity to nourish your body as well as your baby’s. While choosing foods that are high in fat and sugar, always be mindful of how it is going to affect the little one inside you. Find the nutritious alternative to your fatty food for your little one. Instead of a store-made pint, go for a 150-calorie ice cream, or go for basil, tomato, and some mozzarella when you crave for pizza. Always find a healthy alternative to indulge in while pleasing your taste buds. Control Weight Gain during Pregnancy.

  1. Move

If you had a regular workout regimen before your pregnancy, know that it is safe to continue. Make sure you check with your gynecologist about the type of exercises that you are doing. Most importantly, you should always listen to your body. The regular symptoms of pregnancy are fatigue, muscle pain, reduced a sense of balance, and you will feel them while you work out. It wouldn’t be possible to do as much as you used to do. But don’t leave it completely. Do what you easily can. It is advisable to include strength exercises as muscle mass can burn calories. Yoga is also a good option. Control Weight Gain during Pregnancy.

If you were not following any workout regimen before pregnancy, and you feel like starting now, overwhelmed with the increasing weight, you need to consult your doctor. Gentle exercises are recommended, such as leisurely swimming, walking, yoga, strength training with the help of light weights and so on.

Keep Track your pragnancy

  1. Keep Track

If the pounds are recurrently creeping up and you are unable to figure out the reason, start keeping track of your calorie intake. We would recommend writing everything down in your fitness and food journal. It will help you realize why that handful of extra M&Ms wasn’t a good idea, or how you need to check the food portion.

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  1. Breastfeed

Well yes, this tip is not going to help during pregnancy, but it’s worth it once you have delivered. It can help you immensely with healthy weight loss afterward. It is a natural way to lose the extra weight that you have gained during pregnancy. If it goes well, you will be able to burn 500 calories every day. Control Weight Gain during Pregnancy.A Simple Walking Routine

  1. A Simple Walking Routine

In addition to the workout, the walk is essential for pregnant women. Even if you are not working out and are new to exercise, you need to start walking. It not only checks your weight gain but also helps you with a normal delivery.



  1. Indulge!

We would always recommend healthy options in pregnancy such as fruits, Greek yogurt and so on. But that doesn’t mean you can never indulge in some irresistible cravings. You can have a cheesy pizza slice or a chocolate fudge sundae once a week or so. Try to keep cravings at bay and eat healthy most of the times.

Hit the Bed

  1. Hit the Bed

You know the struggle with sleep during pregnancy. With regular visits to the bathroom all night, and trying to sleep in different positions, you hardly get to sleep for long hours. Not getting enough sleep would slow down your metabolism and can stimulate more hunger. It will also make you feel tired. So, makeup for the interrupted night’s sleep by napping sometime during the day. Control Weight Gain during Pregnancy.

Smaller Portions of Food

  1. Smaller Portions of Food

Instead of having three large meals, consider having smaller portions many times a day. It will help you with your recurrent cravings. Also, your metabolism would be easy with lighter portions.

For more tips on controlling weight during pregnancy, consider following pregnancy documentaries on your Cox TV Online Have a happy and healthy pregnancy! Control Weight Gain during Pregnancy.

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