Before and after the period, sex and pregnancy

Many people do not want children in a few years after marriage. There is no lack of caution for this. However, the time of the period is completely safe for sex; this thought is full of hazards.

To help us in our sex life, there are many facilities like condoms, birth control pills, but the Centers for Disease Control reports says 49% of India’s pregnancy still unplanned. This is the reason for not having a clear idea about the menstrual cycle.

In general, we assume that there is no possibility of pregnant during the menstruation cycle. During the period, bleeding caused by breaking of the uterine lining. So we assume the ovum is not released yet from the ovary.

Doctors say the egg may also be active at this time. So during the period of intercourse, there is a possibility that very little ovaries will be fertilized.

Trying to Conceive? If you try to conceive then it is better to know, the chances of fertilization are not very high in the days around the period. The eggs are not that much active at this time. If you want to avoid pregnancy, the period of time is safe but there is a little risk. You have to remember; during pregnancy, intercourse is not hygienic.

The mistakes that can happen:
In many cases, there is light bleeding during ovulation. Call it a mid-cycle or ovulatory bleeding. Sometimes we are wrongly called it periods. In this case, you will fall in the problem if you thought that the period is on and you do intercourse. This time is the most fitting time of cycles.

How to be sure of the days:
Menstrual cycles usually travel around the 21-35 days. It may be 13-20 days before the ovulation. Usually, the period starts in 14-16 days of the period.

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The body temperature increased slightly before three days of the ovulation. After a period, it gradually decreases. This temperature change is so subtle that it is only found in special thermometers. Temperature increases to 0.4-0.8 degrees Fahrenheit. When the temperature increases, the probability of pregnancy is high 2-3 days before to 12-24 hours after the temperature decreases.

Survival Mucus:
Even if you notice Survival Mucus, you can realize the best time to conceive. When the cleanest, slippery, like the white part of the egg, it must be understood that then your body is the most fertile. Within 4 to 11 days of ovulation, the mucus starts to be muddy and sticky again.

Paid date chart:
If your cycle is small then exclude 18 days. That day is your most fertile day. In this way, understand the next fertile day and keep the calendar mark.

If there is a long cycle, then exclude 11 days. According to that, you will understand your next fertile day.

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