Akshay Kumar’s 10 Fitness Tips

In the 90’s, the star of the star, starting in Bollywood, does not have any interest in either exercise or gym. He has kept himself healthy and fit through life. Apart from keeping them in discipline, the likes of basketball, kick-boxing, yoga and swimmers. And he has kept himself well in the same way. If you want to maintain fitness like him, follow these rules:

1. Eat not eat after 6:30 in the evening. You need to break your stomach. Our body takes 4 to 5 hours to digest food. So take a meal a little earlier and start again the next morning.

2. Never take protein shake because the side effects can be in the future.

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3. Try to sleep before night and try to get as early as possible in the morning.

4. Take as much sugar and salt as possible; The less you take, the better you will be.

5. Meditate at least half an hour daily, it will keep your body and mind healthy. Besides, meditation will also help reduce your stress.

6. Always keep some nuts and fruits with yourself. If you get hungry, then accept them.

7. Drink plenty of water; At least three to four liters per day.

8. Keep your metabolism inactive by taking healthy food and it will solve your health and weight problems a lot. Akshay usually drinks a bowl of fresh fruit after lunch and only takes green salad and soup at night so that the food is digested very quickly.

9. Do not take extra food for stomach retention capacity.

10. Walk 15 to 20 minutes per day, if you can not exercise.

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