9 ways to keep body and mind fit

Fit means to indicate physically and mentally healthy person. So, there is a need to look at healthy food, exercise and mind feeding. Know what to do to keep you fit.

Starting from the brain

If the human brain is not healthy, then what is the value of being healthy? That’s why regularly eat walnuts. There is a lot more omega three fatty acids, which protect the brain from disease. And tomato, antioxidant in green tea also helps to save the brain cells and increase memory. Marine fish keep the brain away from Alzheimer’s disease.


Mount Sinai hospital heart disease expert Dr. Beth Oliver said, “Everyday, eat various fruits and vegetables and plenty of frothy foods, water, apples and walnuts, sunflowers, beans, pulses and egg’s yellow, olive oil. It is very beneficial for the heart. ”

Keep kidneys well

Sport, walking, exercises prevent diabetes by reducing high blood pressure. Because diabetes brings many problems to the kidney. It is necessary to keep weight properly by eating fruits, vegetables, fiber and so on. Salt should be eaten as less as possible because of excess salt damage the kidneys. To clean the kidney, it is necessary to drink one and a half liter of water a day.

Bone care

Regular body exercises or special exercises can play a big role to keep bones strong. It is not the only reason for bones to soften or break down. Due to thyroid, abdominal cranial problems or stomach disorders, the bones may become soft or decayed. Don’t eat nutritionally rich foods and having extra smokes and various types of medicines can soften the bones.

Keep stomach right

The largest organ in the human body is the intestine or abdomen which is about 8 meters long. Eaten foods taken from the body turns into simple matter. If there is a problem, it seems like the problem is everywhere. It seems to me that at least everyone knows. Therefore, to keep the body fit, the stomach must be kept properly. So it is very necessary to take groceries, bees, white curd, vegetables, fruits and balanced food.


There is no comparison of antioxidants to retain youth. Fast food, stress, excess tension, smoking, alcoholism, and so on destroy the skin. Ultraviolet rays of the sun have a negative effect on the skin. So should stay away from sunshine. To keep body and mind healthy and fit, body skin needs to be well within the body.

Foot care

The two legs of our body carry the entire load. So foot health is very important. There is no alternative to walking to the foot muscle keep healthy and fit. Walking plays a big role in keeping a person fit.


It is not possible to be physically beautiful without body exercises. Besides, it is also very important to have ‘medical checkup’ at least once a year to stay mentally fit and physically fit.

Sex life

An adult male or female needs a healthy and happy sex life as like eating, drinking, and exercise. Various types of seeds, watermelons, pelicans, figs, eggs, etc. have played a special role to make sex life happy. According to A & M University of American Texas, watermelon increases sexual stimuli in the body.

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