15 Effective home remedies for hair fall

For a few days the hair fall has increased? After all modern treatment hair is becoming thin? What is the reason for this happening? Hair fall may increase due to various reasons. For example, due to side effects of environmental pollution, age, stress, smoking, lack of nutrients, hormonal imbalance, genetic factors, scalp infection, excessive use of hair products, side effects of the thyroid, autoimmune disease, poly-cystic ovarian syndrome, anemia etc. If it’s cause of any disease then go to a doctor now.

It is absolutely normal to fall 50-100 hair every day from our head. But it is a matter of concern if you are starting to lose it more than that. In this case, necessary measures should be taken as soon as possible, but if the scalp becomes empty, it will not take too long. Here are some home remedies that will reduce fall of hair.

Massage Warm Olive Oil home remedy for hair fall

  1. Oil massage

It is important to have oil massage daily to prevent hair fall. Doing so, the blood flow to the skin of the head increases very much. As a result, the hair is rugged and strong. Once the hair starts to strengthen, it becomes normal. In this case, you can use coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil or Indian gooseberry oil.

  1. Indian gooseberry

There is no substitute for Indian gooseberry to increase the number of hair and preventing hair fall. Because it contained vitamin C and it increases the nutrition of hair and also improves the health of the scalp. As a result, it’s decreasing trend of hair fall. In fact, due to lack of vitamin C in the body, hair fall increases. So, this deficit should never be deferred, but it is very important to keep an eye on it. In this case, first 1 teaspoon of Indian gooseberry juice must be mixed with 1 spoon lemon juice. Then put the mixture on the hair and keep it overnight and wash it next morning.

hair fall home remedy

  1. Fenugreek

Fenugreek comes in handy to prevent hair fall. Actually, there are several elements present in it that play an important role in hair growth. So whenever you see that the rate of hair growth has increased and then only a little bit of fenugreek seed with a glass of water will soak in one night. The next day, make a paste by taking the seeds and smear it on the scalp. Wash the paste for 40 minutes and wash it. One month everyday use of this past will reduce hair fall, it will also fulfill the dreams of head filled hair.

onion juice hair fall home remedy

  1. Onion juice

The sulfur reduces hair loss by increasing blood flow of hair follicle. It is not the end; onion juice is rich in anti-bacterial properties, which kill the bacteria in the scalp. As a result, scalp infections can reduce with hair loss. How to apply onion juice? Collect juice from one onion. Then massage the juice directly on the scalp. Do shampoo after 30 minutes. If you take care of the hair in this method 2-3 times in a week, you will get the results completely.

alo evera for hair fall remedy

  1. Aloe Vera

It contains some enzymes that play an important role in the growth of the hair. As a result of hair loss, there is no danger of head becoming empty. The Benefits of Aloe Vera does not end here. It helps to keep the PH level of the Alkaline Properties scalp in place. This reduces the rate of hair fall. How to use this? Smear Aloe Vera Gel to the scalp as your need. Wait a few hours and wash the head thoroughly in light hot water. Almost 3-4 times a week Aloe Vera has found great benefits.

coconut milk home remedy

  1. Coconut milk

Coconut milk tissue has high-quality nutritional value. It effectively helps reduce hair fall. Push on fresh coconut blender. Remove the mixture from the coconut milk extract. Now leave this coconut milk extract well and keep the hair on the skin for 15 to 20 minutes. Massage the head skin with coconut milk. Do this at least once a week.

Neem Leaves Juice for hair fall home remedy

  1. Neem leaf juice

Boil fresh Neem leaves and boil them in boiling water. After that cool down, wash your hair and head skin with it. Follow this process once or twice a week.

Honey and olive oil for hair fall home remedy

  1. Honey and olive oil

Take two table spoons of honey and two table spoons of olive oil in a bowl. Mix these two well. Then mix it with a tablespoon of cinnamon powder and paste it well. Keep the mixture between 20 and 25 minutes for hair and hair on the skin. This drug is very effective in gaining new hair.

neem aloe vera juice for hair fall home remedy

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  1. Aloe Vera juice and Neem paste

Take a dry neem leaf crush with the Aloe Vera juice. Mix it well. Then add some drops of herbal Indian gooseberry and make paste. The paste smears on your scalp. Keep the paste after half an hour and wash it. Use it one to two times a week.

Egg and Sour Curd hair mask home remedy

  1. A mixture of egg white and curd

Separate two egg white parts in a container and add two tablespoons of fresh curd, mix it well. Add one tablespoon neem powder to it. Put this mixture well on the head skin and wash after 30 minutes. Follow the procedure once a week to prevent hair fall.

alo evera for hair fall remedy

  1. Aloe Vera jelly

Aloe Vera juice is considered to be very effective in preventing hair fall and it also nourishes the head skin. Aloe Vera jells can apply directly to your scalp. Cut the Aloe Vera leaves halfway and apply it on the skin of the Crimpy protein head. It is the dryness and itching of the head skin.

home remedies for hair fall

  1. Lyme Seed

The combination of limed seeds and black round pepper powder is quite effective in removing small skin problems in the skin of the head. Crush dried lime seeds and add fresh grounded pepper powder along with it. Make a paste by adding a little water to it. Massage the head from the head to the head where you think it is the hair. Follow this procedure at least once a week to grow hair in the affected area.

hair fall remedy hair fall remedy

  1. Chickpea Seed

Make a paste by heating the chickpea seeds with coconut oil or the custard oil, mixing chickpea seeds. Now massage this mixture on your head skin and gently massage it. Keep it in mind for half an hour then wash it with a light shampoo. Follow the procedure at least twice a week to get good results.

home hair for green tea

  1. Tea extract

Mix lemon juice with tea extract and wash it with the hair. This will prevent the health of your hair and prevent hair fall.

mustard oil for hair fall

  1. Mustard oil

Make a cup of mustard oil and fry the four tablespoons of henna leaves. This oil will be stored in the bottle by freezing. Every day, after washing the oil lightly in the hair and pallets, wash the hair after a while. This oil helps to strengthen the hair follicles.

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